Why GoBuyside is a Successful Headhunter

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside of New York in 2011. GoBuyside works with private, hedge funds, and equity funds. Kapur has between 10 and 50 employee. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from St. John Hopkins University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Kapur earned his MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

Many of GoBuyside clients are members of Fortune 500 most successful companies. Most of the equity fund companies are worth $1B in assets. It’s important for firms to be turned into their team’s idea on current compensation levels. If the firm isn’t in tune with the employee, then the management should not be surprised when the star employee gives two weeks notice to leave the company. Kapur uses recruiting experts who specialize in optimal headhunting. GoBuyside specializes in finding the best employees for major companies. Many companies need to get the best recruitment companies. A general recruitment company will overlook that unfilled positions can waste time and money in an organization. Read more at Daily Forex Report about GoBuyside.


Kapur wants to increase competition for talent and shorten the hiring cycle. Arjun Kapur spends most days having meetings to learn how GoBuyside can be more efficient. He also contacts clients about technology and deliveries. It’s hard to explain how Kapur brings his ideas to life. Once Kapur has an idea, he works with it and researches it until he is satisfied with it. If he had the chance to live his school years over again, Kapur would have spent his college senior year traveling to some countries before completing his education. Kapur is glad he completed college and is thrilled using artificial intelligence to help him research his ideas. Kapur avoids social media and prefers working in real time and personally with clients and business partners. Social Media would make Kapur less productive. He enjoys every day.

View: http://gobuysidenews.com/2018/02/01/gobuyside-explores-factors-driving-compensation-private-equity-sector/