Who Is This Prestigious Financial Leader?

David Osio. His name is not known to many that don’t know his company. Let’s find out who this person is and what makes him get a name on the Internet. This will be pretty interesting.

David Osio is a part of a company called Davos Real Estate group. This Venezuelan group provides financial advice to a select clientele in Venezuela. This company has been working on developing a real estate app and they have just launched it. This app will be really useful since it will show someone an investment property gain when the cost of the investment is taken into consideration.

This app has gone mobile. It is available for download both on Android and Iphone platforms. This also allows you to pick properties that are available and forward them to your advisor through a chat.

The app also has a mortgage calculator, which gives investors a clear picture of what people can expect when investing in a property. This is really important since some people don’t really know what a return on their investment will look like or even if they will have one.

This app sounds like it’s got everything in one place, which is convenient when you are making a business or personal decision for a property. Along with working on the app, they are working on partnerships around the world, expanding their services to Europe. They will start with Spain.

Now we know a little bit about the company and what they have been working on, let’s find out more about this guy. David Osio graduated from the Catholic University Andres Bello, which is one of the leading universities in Latin America and Venezuela. He specialized in International Banking Law at the institute “Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA”. Mr. Osio began his very own career in 1981 as President and CEO of the company OPED Enterprise being responsible for coffee export programs. He also held an executive position where he was responsible for structuring marketing programs even within the United States.

He has been extraordinarily successful and the company he runs now Davos Financial group seems to be doing well.

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