The Haircare Products of Wen by Chaz


When it comes to WEN by Chaz, most people think of the company as just a shampoo or conditioner service. Yes, this is the most popular product the company sells, but there are many other Wen by Chaz items out there that are designed to boost the appearance of hair. This way, it isn’t necessary to always get in the shower in order to experience the truly beautiful and amazing feeling of the product. It all just depends on what someone is interested in.

How to Get the Different Products

Wen by Chaz has a subscription service on ebay,  or amazon to customers are able to select different products and receive a box from the company once a month, once every several months or whenever they desire. With the Wen by Chaz subscription, they receive more than just the conditioner though, there are a few other items that are desirable and a person can select from.

Different Product Options

There is a WEN mist that is great for adding a bit of additional shine to the hair. This is applied to the hair when it is dry and it can work with other haircare products. There are a few styling options out there from Wen hair products, but for the most part the company does focus on the creation of items to improve the quality, look and health of the hair.

After just the spray, there is an extreme condition option. This comes in a hockey puck like product. It should only be used a few times a month but it is best for individuals who experience extreme hair damage, such as swimmers with the chemicals in the pool or from the sun. This injects the hair with new vitamins and minerals, but if it is used too often it will make the scalp too oily.