The Chainsmokers Seek to Grow Closer to their Audience

Recently, one of the Chainsmokers members (Alex Pall) featured Halsey in the making of a highly anticipated song—Closer. Unlike others of the songs produced by the Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart sings in this one. The Chainsmokers is a group of DJs consisting of Andrew Taggart (Drew), and Alex Pall. The two rely on vocalists and songwriters to add the human element to their songs and beats. However, this reliance could soon be in the past because the duo is working on revealing their faces and vocals to their audience soon. In an interview hosted by Interview Magazine, the duo spoke on their new song, identity, and plans of evolving with their ever-growing audience.

According to the duo, they started working together when their manager introduced them to one another. Andrew Taggart was a student at Syracuse University and was undertaking small DJing gigs in the city. Alex Pall, on the other hand, was an established DJ in New York City. Upon completing school, Andrew had plans of relocating to Los Angeles to pursue DJing as a career. However, fate had it that the two would meet and their current manager introduced them to each other four years and immediately started working together. Each of them brought something to the table, and this helped them grow. For instance, Pall had a lot of DJing gigs in the city while Pall was a talented producer. Also, the group would watch out for the trends in the music and DJing industry and would identify what and what not to add on their work to shape their identity.

At the moment, the Chainsmokers is working on changing various elements of their music and career. These changes range from their visuals to live shows to cater for their growing fan base. During the interview, they indicated that they had been working with songwriters in most of their songs. However, they intend to reduce their reliance on songwriters and use their life experiences as motivation for writing their new music. Closer, for instance, is a song that talks about Pall’s romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend. The duo is working towards proving to their audience that they are capable of writing their music and oversee production too, with the aim of attracting more fans.