The History of OSI Group

OSI Group is a staple of American food culture. It is one of the biggest companies providing OSI food throughout the world. The company has tens of thousands of employees in over a dozen countries with sixty five factories. The large company has not always been a food giant. The company began with a small beginning. The company has made significant movements in the past century of American history.

Immigrant roots are extremely important to this company. The company was started by Otto Kolschowsky in the early twentieth century. He was apart of the immigrant community of Germans in Chicago, Illinois. These people made up a lot of the population of Chicago. This city allowed for immigrants to make a happy and profitable lifestyle for themselves in America.

After two years of being in America, Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat marketed on the west side of Chicago. This family meat market business grew and eventually the founder had to expand his operations. He also opened up a wholesale business selling meat. With two locations in the Chicago area, this laid the framework to what would become OSI Group.

The small meet market became Otto & Sons when the founder’s sons took over the business. Eventually, a franchising model was introduced into the business leading to McDonalds. When the opportunity came for Otto & Sons to grow into an established company, the brothers took the offer. Today, the company is ran by OSI Group. The transition into this new company has allowed an immigrant’s small meat market to evolve into being a large producer of the world’s meats. The company today still serves quality meats like its founder did a century ago. OSI Group has made it possible for quality meat to be transported over long distances. Keeping the customer happy is what this company serves to do. This company has the technology to produce affordable meats to other businesses buying from them. This company has the means to handle the manufacturing and delivery of meats to many of the restaurants millions of people eat at and enjoy on a regular basis.

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