Autumn Wine Pairing

It is that time of year when autumn steals into the air and our thoughts turn into such fall favorites as pumpkin spice or apples baking. These seasonal favorites are even better when they are paired with the perfect wine. Wine can bring out the earthy tones and subtle sweetness of fall foods.

Pumpkin is not necessarily a subtle taste, whether it is found in pie or crock-pot pumpkin chili. These savory dishes call for a bold wine such as 2016 Pebble Viognier, California. It is heavier than your white wines and its sweet notes can stand up to baking dishes. The Pebble Viognier can also be ideal to pair with desserts because of its body.

As the temperatures drop, cooks often prepare bold beef chili’s. What pairs better with such a spicy, savory dish than a 2015 Calamity Sue Reisling? This acidic white wine provides for a pop in your mouth from the spicy chili. A tiny bit of sugar refinement in this wine sharpens your palate. If your preference is red wine, try the 2016 Convict’s Reward with a bold chili. The light red fruits from this wine softens the burn on your tongue and palate. The Convict’s Reward also enhances pork chops or loin because of its herb notes.

Another favorite autumn wine is the 2015 MarulaPinotage from South Africa. Pair this wine with some smoked gouda cheese and smoked bacon. Rustic notes pick up perfectly for a robust outdoors gathering around the grill. Or try the2015 MarulaPinotage from South Africa for a wonderful outdoor wine. The earthy red can stand up easily to such favorites as beef stew or macaroni and cheese.

Not only do hearty savory fall dishes go well with wines but fall desserts pair perfectly, as well. Carrot cake and pie a la mode go well with such favorites as the 2016 Beeline Muscat Canelli. The secret to successfully pairing wine with dessert is to find the one that will complement the dessert without competing with the sweetness. The Beeline Muscat Canelli has just enough sweetness to highlight any dessert.

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