The Chainsmokers Are Making Headlines With Their Latest Single

Every once in a while, a band needs to break the chains a little. Repetitive style and content can create distance between a band and its audience. There is definitely such a thing as too much of a good thing. The Chainsmokers are looking to change up their style and see if this new darker tone will push them further into the future. Of course, the Chainsmokers are known for hits. Closer, Kanye, #Selfie, Roses, Something Just Like This, and the Grammy-winning Don’t Let Me Down have all, at one point or another, echoed on the radio.

The electronic duo has been hard to place. Are they pop or EDM? Well, the new single “Sick Boy” has shown that the duo isn’t really either; they are artists. Chainsmokers have dominated charts for a few years now, and Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have become victims of the very thing that their first hit #Selfie criticized. It wasn’t necessarily by choice, but the duo has both exploded on social media platforms and become larger than life.

“Sick Boys” is about introspection. The duo is taking a dark look at the ways in which social media has affected their brains, image, and ideologies about the world. It’s a song about misinterpreting people, about idolizing others, about the idea of image branding. The deep milky blasts in the song tell the story of a boy sick from social media and imagery.

This new single is an important step for Chainsmokers. It shows that the duo is capable of artistic movement and that they aren’t stuck in any specific genre, instead, they are musically fluid. The duo does, however, promise some dance hits and pop smashes on their newest album. But, as a whole, the band is looking to take a darker look at the world in this newest album.

The dark introspection of the album comes at a great time. The Chainsmokers have always had a way of reflecting the modern youth through their music. This reflection comes at a perfect time for them. The world is social media mad and it’s starting to have an effect on the youth, for better or for worse. In the end, the new single is a unique contribution to the EDM scene from the Chainsmokers, and fans seem to be enjoying it.