Adam Milstein: Promoter of Israeliness

Adam Milstein is one of the vocal Jewish activists in the United States. He is working on pro-Israeli initiatives as well as non-profits causes meant to support the Jewish community. Milstein is the co-founder of a prominent Jewish organization located in the United States known as the Israeli-American Council (IAC). He serves as the chairman of the board of this organization which was formed in 2007 and has headquarters in Los Angeles. It is under the leadership of Adam Milstein that this organization has spread out to many parts of the United States. Currently, they have 12 regional offices in different states.

Adam Milstein also worked with his wife Gila, to set up a family foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization serves people who live in the United States and who have Jewish roots to learn more about their culture and help them identify strongly with the State of Israel. Milstein has a special affinity to the young generation who holds the future of Israel. Gila Milstein has on his part established an organization known as Stand By Me, an organization meant to assist Israeli American cancer patients.

One of the challenges that face non-profits causes is lack of adequate funds. However, Adam Milstein is a hardworking entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He is the managing partner of a company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Every year, Milstein spends over $1 million on philanthropic causes. Adam Milstein does not believe in just giving out money to causes that he is not involved in. He rolls up his sleeves and engages in active operations of the causes he supports. He is results-oriented and wants to see the funds he donates achieving the intended goals.


Adam Milstein recognizes that it is not easy to get donor funds for non-profit causes. To help ease this problem, he has created Donor Forum, a forum where organizations can post 15-minutes presentations to potential sponsors. This process makes it easy for non-profit organizations to get funds easily while at the same time allowing philanthropist to get involved in the operations of the groups they fund.