Ronald Fowlkes on the Importance of Mentorship

Immediately after high school, Ronald Fowlkes joined the Marines. After he completed his military service, he became a police officer. It was during his time in service, that Fowlkes realized that service meant more than putting on a uniform every day. Fowlkes believes that it is through serving others that our country will become a better place; he takes great pride in the ability to be a mentor the up-and-coming generation.


Ronald Fowlkes, has held highly stressful jobs in his life that resulted in him feeling depleted, like he had nothing left to give. But, he understood the importance of service and mentorship. One way that Fowlkes serves as a mentor to others is by being an off-ice trainer for his son’s team, the St. Louis Blues Triple-A team. One thing Fowlkes is familiar with is physical fitness, therefore, he helps the team members with weight training to ensure they are at the top of their game. He enjoys the ability to pass his knowledge about the importance of physical fitness on to the younger generation.


While Ronald Fowlkes has a firm belief that not mentorship is a win-win situation; not only do the people being mentored learn a great deal, but so does the actual mentor. Being a quality mentor is more than just teaching the kids something new. Perhaps more importantly, it is about being there for the kids, being a person of trust, and someone they feel safe opening up and talking to.


Beyond being a mentor to his son’s team, Fowlkes is also a mentor to the law enforcement community. Having been in their shoes, he knows the importance of having a solid mentor, especially when you hold a stressful job. With Fowlkes experience as a law enforcement officer, he knows exactly what current officers need to feel supported and appreciated; and, to the best of his abilities, Fowlkes makes sure current officers receive this support. Additionally, throughout his career, he has learned what methods of mentorship, support, and appreciation are most effective, allowing him to be a quality mentor.


Ronald Fowlkes brings a positive action to the way he accomplishes things, this is one reason why he has the continued ability to help others. Throughout his life Fowlkes has been a decisive person, knowing exactly what he wants out of life. He takes pride in his continued positivity which, again, aids in his ability to help and mentor others. Even though Ronald Fowlkes is a business owner, he dedicates much of his time being a positive influence in other people’s lives.