Robert Ivy Making Giant Leaps In The Architectural Field

Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters often offers the prestigious Noel Polk awards to celebrate the different milestones of their artists, writers and musicians in their different categories who are natives of Mississippi. The trend has been going in for quite a long time now having been started in the year 1980. It is privately funded and before an individual can be chose, thorough background search and vetting is done by a panel of experienced nonaligned judges. The people honored in the different areas do have some remarkable and extra input that cannot go unnoticed.

It is then a great milestone for architecture Robert Ivy to be recognized and awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Award by the institute. The president of the American Institute of Architecture applauded his vice president for the honors. He also categorically stated he was the first architect to receive the award. This shows that he has truly had an outstanding record in his profession and also that his personality is a notch higher.

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Robert Ivy has dorns many hats in the architectural field. For instance he is an author and editor of materials that relate with architecture giving more insight and details. With such materials being at the reach of many, they contribute positively to the architectural knowledge and broaden the mind of the people. Hence the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters found him worthy for the Lifetime Achievement Award. This is in line with their idea of the prestigious award, which is to award the people of influence. On top of literature concerning architecture awards, Robert Ivy is also a commentator on world architecture designs and has being given the title master architect, by the national architecture fraternity.

It is well to note that, he has been in the American Institute of Architecture for the last seven years. His presence in the institute is well noted to the fact that the institute is enjoying the highest number of membership since its formation. He has further led the institute to be placed in a position where it is well noted globally. Prior to joining the America Institute of Architecture, Robert Ivy was making his remarkable architecture strides as the chief-editor of Architectural Record.

The Noel Polk Lifetime Award is not his first accolade. For instance he is the proud recipient of a long string of other honors such as the National Magazine Award, the 2017’s Dean’s Medal from the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture. And now his latest accolade places him at an even better position as he is categorized with instrumental recipients such as Morgan Freeman and Leontyne Price.

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