Lori Senecal Revamps CP+B Management before Exit

As Lori Senecal steps down from her role as global president or CP+B, she will forever be remembered for her genius in landing major clients like American Airlines. Currently, she is mentoring regional leaders under her wing to ensure her transition out of the agency is a smooth one.

Ms. Senecal joined CP+B in March 2015 assuming the role of global chief executive officer. Before that, Lori Senecal had served as the CEO of CP+B mother company, MDC partners. Her first major break after joining the agency was to land their biggest client, American Airlines. American Airlines had worked with TM Advertising for 25 years before Joining CP+B.

On Ad Week, she mentioned her success in landing major clients is partly due to her strong negotiation, organizational, and management expertise. She also has a knack for nurturing young talent as seen with Ms. Danielle Aldrich who was by her side when American Airlines signed a contract with them. Both Lori and Danielle were also instrumental in landing a second big client, Hershey’s.

Now that she is exiting CP+B, Ms. Senecal is making her last genius move in structuring the management of the agency. Together with CP+B’s co-founder, Chuck Porter, Ms. Senecal is recruiting new regional managers in each of the 10 agency wings. Both Lori and Chuck figure that the agency will be collectively stronger by stabilizing management at the regional level.

And how best to do it than to elect familiar faces Ms. Senecal has worked with in her 2-year tenure. To head CP+B western wing is Danielle Aldrich whom Lori feels is more than qualified for the position. According to Fast Company, other new leaders at the agency include Richard Pinder, Bamboo Yee, and Vinicius Reis. They will be heading CP+B Europe, Beijing, and Miami/Brazil respectively.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the current global CEO of CP+B. Her role as CEO is to manage the growth and expansion of the agency on a global scale. Ms. Senecal holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Finance from McGill University. She employs her strong skills in leadership, advertising, marketing, and digital strategy to steer CP+B to greater heights. View her full profile on crunchbase.com.

Other source: https://ideamensch.com/lori-senecal/