Kenneth Goodgame – A Skillful Operator who is Transforming North American Organizations

For more than 20 years, Kenneth Goodgame has worked tirelessly in the sales and merchandise sector enabling him to be recognized as the leader in his field. Currently, he is well-known for his operational management expertise enabling prominent U.S. businesses and organizations in creating high-worth OEM products. Accordingly, Kenneth Goodgame is able to provide a complete tailor-made solution to companies that includes all aspects of operations management including financial oversight, marketing and business plans.

Business Skills

His leadership qualities are evident by countless innovative and complex business strategies that Kenneth has made for several firms. These involve creating performance indicators, employee engagement metrics and quality assurance systems. In addition, such skills as cost analysis, composed negotiations and productivity enhancements add to the overall value of a project. In his own words, Kenneth claims that his success depends on his ability to navigate market shifts enabling him to avoid costly mistakes.

A History of Transformation

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Marketing from University of Tennessee, Kenneth started managing products and inventories for well-known local stores operating in Southern United States. In just a short period, his leadership skills and problem-solving abilities were in high demand. As such, Kenneth was appointed as a Senior Global Product Merchant at Home Depot. However, Kenneth Goodgame was more interested in getting leadership role in sales and merchandise; therefore, he soon landed a job with Newell Rubbermaid Company in North Carolina. Acting as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he designed and launched several national campaigns helping the company generate hefty percentage revenue gains in just 18 months. In only his first year at the company, he was able to secure $70 Million in sales including #1 SKU in the division.

Kenneth also proved instrumental in the success of subsequent companies he worked for. For instance, working as the President of Techtronic Industries North America, he delivered the first ever profitable year for the company since its inception. From a loss of $2.5 Million, Kenneth delivered a resounding success ensuring a profit of $5 Million by restructuring the company.

Similarly, he also oversaw private label branding of his next company, Ace Hardware Corporation, delivering the highest positive percentage year-to-year sales in the history of the company in the first year of joining. Under his supervision, the unique Craftsmen Program generated $180 Million in sales compared to only $9 Million in previous years, in the hands tool category. Interestingly, he was also a major influence on employees working at the True Value Hardware Corporation. Beside creating several groundbreaking initiatives, Goodgame also created third-party projects such as “pay for play” vendor supported advertising vendor program, which raised millions of dollars in the two years he worked at the company.