JustFab: So Much To Offer

In a recent article featured in the LA times, it was brought to consumers attention the power of a company called JustFab. Owned by a corporate company called the El Segundo Company, they are also the owners of sister companies like Fabletics and JustFab Kids. If you are unfamiliar with these brands, you must become acquainted. JustFab is a subscription company that sends its customers new clothing each and every month at a fixed cost. Subscription boxes are a recent craze among people worldwide, but JustFab is one of few that has continued to find great success. Companies like Birchbox have even lost twelve percent of their customers in the past year, whereas JustFab is set to make one hundred and fifty million more than it did last year. Thanks to its wide variety of companies and types of clothing, they have a lot to offer its huge clientele.

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The article goes on to talk about how the name of JustFab I set to change this year, in the hopes for even more growth. They will continue to have their lines of children’s, women’s and athleisure clothing in great varieties for their loyal customers. JustFab’s wide success has been such an eye opener for the El Segundo Company to continue making changes and promote growth of this half billion dollar company.

If you’ve never heard of JustFab, this company is a subscription company that allows you one shipped box per month with an item or outfit you’ve selected on JustFab or one of the sister companies. The price will always remain the same, and you can gradually grow a wardrobe with this fantastic subscription box. Feel free to skip a month, shop at your leisure or just get your monthly boxes. The options are endless with JustFab and you will be hooked from the moment you sign up. Source: https://www.heels.com/shoe-brand/just-fab-shoes