JustFab Co-Founder Adam Goldberg Found Early Success

Adam Goldenberg, co-founder of JustFab, is not new to creating cutting edge start-ups. He founded his very first company at age 15, Gamer’s Alliance, and sold it to Intermix Media in 1999. Goldenberg knew he was going to find success and with his recent transaction to Intermix on businessoffashion.com, he capitalized on that relationship, quit high school, and moved to join Intermix Media. Intermix Media saw his talent too, because he came on board as Vice President of Strategic Planning. At the young age of 20, he become Chief Operating Officer, the youngest COO of a publicly trading company.

Through his role at Intermix, Adam Goldenberg met his future partner Don Ressler. Ressler sold his own company in 2001 to Intermix and had a reputation for generating successful start ups and raising capital for internet companies. In 2005, News Corporation acquired Intermix, so Goldenberg and Ressler decided to start their own company. They wanted to create an online shopping experience that was fun, interactive, and personalized. They wanted a subscription service that was affordable and trendy, allowing customers to customize their style experience.

Goldenberg attributes his success to looking at data regularly and making predictions on trends and numbers. His staff looks frequently at all numbers and when something doesn’t work, they fix it. JustFab has been a huge success for Goldenberg and Ressler. This success is due to their understanding of the ever-changing nature of e-commerce and fashion. Goldenberg feels that customer feedback is crucial in informing the next steps of a business.

Adam Goldenberg’s entrepreneurial model of sharing numbers
, good and bad, with the whole team helps them to make informed decisions. He feels that everyone needs to see what needs to be changed and what is working for them. Also, focusing importance on customer feedback, which he said can make or break a company. Customers are better able to tell them what is working. Some of the early changes, like prices and categories, came from customer feedback. Goldenberg has an all-inclusive attitude towards building a company and a brand. This philosophy has made him the success he is from such an early age. See: http://www.racked.com/2016/2/15/10995348/fabletics-stores-kate-hudson