Jason Hope And His Focus On Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. With a degree in finance and his mobile communications company, the futurist focuses on biotechnology and various startups. His business success has made him one of the most inspiring individuals in Arizona, and a mentor to many students and young entrepreneurs. Among the various things that set him apart is his great interest in philanthropy.

Jason Hope and SENS Research Foundation
Hope donated to the non-profit organization to aid their anti-aging research. The money came in handy when building their laboratory; Cambridge SENS Laboratory. They also used part of it to start a new program focused on doing extensive research. As the investor revealed in an interview, he was fascinated by the foundation’s innovative tactics to fight aging.

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SENS Foundation anti-aging research
One of the organization’s primary goals is to fight diseases that are known to accelerate aging in human beings. These degenerative illnesses include lung and heart sicknesses, and Alzheimer’s disease. As Jason Hope said, they lead to premature breakdown of a person’s body; causing them to age faster than normal. While traditional medication strives to treat them, the SENS foundation wants to stop them from happening in the first place. It is important to note that Hope does not support anti-aging research alone. He is open to facilitating any other; as long as it is based on innovative and technological thinking.

Hope and IoT
In his book, he provides an understandable explanation of what IoT means. He also gives the advantages that it brings to an individual and a society. Again, he illustrates how people can use the technology to improve the quality of their lives.

As Jason Hope works hard to expand his business investments and live a better life, he also focuses on giving back to his society. His donations to organizations like the SENS Foundation to facilitate research that can improve the lives of many people. His passion for technology enables him to encourage innovative research that leads to progress.

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