Helane Morrison: Advancing To New Levels

Project Eve started out a recent article by discussing how difficult it can be, in the financial industry, to hold onto integrity. The sector has slowly started to give itself a bad name over the past decade and there are few who are trying to turn that culture of cheating and lying around. The article was discussing this because it was a piece about Helane Morrison, a woman known in the industry for being honest and holding others to the same standards. 

The article then went on to discuss how Morrison had been fighting corruption and injustice starting when she was a journalist in law school. This fight continued into her years as a lawyer, then as a government official and finally at an investment firm. The article then continued discussing how influential Morrison was to the industry and was one of the few that was trying to make it a more transparent sector that follows laws and plays by the rules. 

People have started to ask questions since the crisis happened in the economy is 2007. They want to know who they can trust. The banks let them down. The government gave the banks a free pass. Unemployment tore communities apart. After talking about the general public’s distrust for the financial industry, the article then went on to talk about Helane Morrison and what she has been doing about the issue. 

Helane Morrison is an American lawyer, journalist and businesswoman. While Morrison was born in New York, she went halfway across the country to get a degree in journalism from Northwestern University and then she continued on to the west coast. In California, Helane Morrison attended the University of California at Berkeley School of Law. After graduating, she went to work for Judge Richard A. Posner, a judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. After two years, Morrison went to work for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin, a San Francisco base law firm. It was only a few years after she arrived at the firm that Morrison was named a partnered and stayed on until 1996. 

It was in 1996 that Morrison was asked to be the head of regional enforcement activities in the San Francisco Regional Office of the SEC. She made the move and after working in government, moved on to Hall Capital Partners.