Helane Morrison, a Trustworthy Leader

Hall Capital has recently become the largest money managers in the competitive Bay Area by managing over $24 billion in assets. While outwardly it may seem that just the financial smarts of the company are the main pillars of its success, others seem to think differently. The head CEO’s, Helane Morrison, Kathryn Hall, and Sarah Stein, take what I believe to be an honest and appealing approach to the attribution of their success. They say that the diversity of their firm, in terms of gender, backgrounds, and education are essential to its success. I think she is right, because a diverse company is able to provide the most outlook on financial success. By being so diverse, the firm guarantees a wide range of experience to manage and build assets.

Hall Capital manages funds for some of the Bay Areas most wealthy and influential individuals and families. For example, they manage the son of the Gap founder, John Fisher, who operates on the firms board in the process of managing his families wealth.

This did not happen by accident, as it is explicitly stated that the firm desired to be diverse and experienced from the start. The highest of the firm, such as Helane Morrison, believe that by seeing women heading the company, experienced and professional women are more likely to join the firm. It is only natural when other firms perform so abysmally poor with regards in the area of diversification.

I believe that one of the leaders of Hall Capital, Helane Morrison, has a fundamental effect on the development of the diversification of the firm. According to this biography, she has been with the firm since 2007, and has been in the business of finances since 1996 in various capacities. She graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelors degree in journalism, and later went to UC Berkeley to get her J.D.

Since, Morrison has made it a personal goal to expose those willing to take advantage of others for financial gain. One of her most commendable traits is her care for those who have been victims of financial sharks as a result of them being in poor financial circumstances. Helane operated through the US Securities and Exchange in order to combat some of the most heinous offenders. One of the best examples of her heroism was when she protected those in fear after the 2008 financial collapse.