Fortress Investment Group Is Rebranding Brightline to Virgin Trains USA

Virgin Group is making a minority investment on the Brightline, which is the leading private rail system in the USA under the ownership of Fortress Investment Group. The partnership is expected to bear successful results since the partnering companies share the objective of improving the experience of their clientele and causing beneficial disruptions in the market. As it was reported by ones of the founders of FIG, through this partnership, Brightline will be riding on the success of Virgin Group, to increase its client base and enhance the quality of services it avails for its customers. Read the article about Fortress at

Fortress Investment Group is expectant for the partnership to amplify Brightline’s growth potential and offer support to its plans of expanding the commuter services to other new states. Virgin Group is a well-established company made of sixty companies in various sectors including Virgin Trains, which is a commuter train company in the UK. Virgin’s 21 years of experience of running a successful business venture in the high-speed railway system in the UK is evidence enough that it is bringing many benefits to the table that can positively transform Brightline.

The Senior Management of Virgin Group believes that Fortress Investment Group is offering them a great opportunity through Brightline to create a transformation on the face of the railway system in the USA. They believe that so far FIG has managed to build a railway system with a bright vision for the rail system, but it is time for them to receive extra assistance that could help reach this goal faster. Virgin Group, hopes to change this industry just as it transformed the domestic air travel in the USA.

Fortress Investment Group and Virgin group have agreed to partnership conditions that seem fair to the two parties. Fortress Investment Group shall retain its majority stake in the company and also the current management while Virgin Group is the minority investor but the company shall be renamed to Virgin Trains USA. The deal is similar to other deals Virgin Group has struck in the past in other industries and it is hoping to transform the experience of tens of millions of people who use the trains every day

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