Fortress Investment Group: A Large Private Equity Firm Influencing the Business World

The founders of the Fortress Investment Group have only one thing in mind – to succeed in the business and finance industry. The creation of their ultimate goal is a dream-come-true for the company’s founders, and they promised that they would do everything to increase the presence of their business in the country and encourage the people to invest in them as well. The Fortress Investment Group would eventually become one of the world’s largest equity firms, thanks to the efforts of Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone, the company’s founders. Through the years, they will be hiring additional people who would demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in leading companies such as the Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger and Gareth Henry are among the few individuals that the company hired and contributed a lot of changes to the company’s good. Visit

The Fortress Investment Group has been operating as a private equity firm for 20 years now, but they also had to gamble in their early days. The founders would have to invite business people to invest in their company during its infancy stage, but after they demonstrated their power to turn a small investment into a large one, many people started to contact the company, sharing their interest to become a partner.

The Fortress Investment Group continued to impress the experienced business people, as the company’s founders and executives have introduced their IPO in 2007. Many people showed up at the event, and they started purchasing shares and stocks from the company, amounting to $600 million. Introducing the company as an IPO at the NYSE has become their milestone, but the company continued to look for opportunities where they can grow further. This opportunity came in recently, as a Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group offered a contract with the company. The contract stated that the company would be under the ownership of the Softbank Group, with some of its key employees staying with the newly acquired company. The partnership costs $3.3 billion, and it is expected that the Softbank Group will be doing its best to manage the company effectively. Read more on