Dr. Saad Saad: A Role Model Physician

Being a physician can be considered as an honor, and the profession is one of the most respected around the world because they are the ones who cure the sick. One of the most respected physicians in the Middle East is Dr. Saad Saad, who came from Palestine. He has been using his profession to help the people ever since, and he is not looking into someone’s race or belief before he can provide them medical assistance. According to him, being a doctor is his calling, and he already knew back when he was younger that he would eventually become a doctor. The young Dr. Saad Saad had shown interest in science when he was younger, and even if his brothers graduated as engineers, he persuaded his parents that he would want to become a doctor instead. His parents supported him of what he wanted to do with his life and gave him their permission to attend medical school.



Dr. Saad Saad had to study at a local university, taking up a pre-medical degree and studying hard to excel. After he graduated, he told his family that he would have to leave for Egypt, because he would want to attend the Cairo University. He flew to Egypt to pursue his dreams and studied hard inside the medical school. He graduated being the second in rank, and he immediately migrated to the United Kingdom to undergo internship. He chose a local medical center in London where he would be performing his internship, and he managed to finish the program getting good remarks from his colleagues.



After his internship program in the United Kingdom, the next destination where he went to was the United States. It was already embedded in his mind to settle in America, so he got a new house and lived there for the rest of his life. While in the United States, Dr. Saad Saad enriched his knowledge in the field of medicine, and he managed to get a residency for general surgery and pediatric surgery. He then thought about going back to Palestine after getting his residency, saying that there are not enough doctors in Palestine that would help the people with their medical needs.



Dr. Saad Saad decided to go back to Palestine to serve his people. He would initiate medical missions and would offer his services to people who need medical attention. He stated that one of the people who inspired him to go back to Palestine was Dr. H. Biemann Othersen, who was also his mentor. Dr. Saad Saad stated that Dr. H. Biemann Othersen would always tell him that it is their duty as physicians to help the people in need, no matter what their race or religion is. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12