Dr Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Inc. He had been a cofounder from 1997 and became the CEO in November 2002. Before Seattle Genetics Dr Clay Siegall had been working with Bristol-Myres Squibb Pharmaceutical research institute where he was a research investigator.

He is a PhD in genetics holder from George Washington University and also holds a bachelor of science in zoology from Maryland University. He has also written about 67 papers in science and is a holder of nine patents.

Dr Clay Siegall has received various awards like the Ernst and young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the year in the year 2002 and also the 2013 University of Maryland alumnus of the year for computer maths and natural sciences. Also, in 1995, he received the Pierce award.

He has a vast experience of more than 20 years in cancer research and drug development in therapy. He has also held different positions in Seattle genetics and also in other companies. In Seattle genetics, he was executive vice president and the principal scientific officer from 1997 to 2000, chairperson from April 2004 up to date. He is a director of Washington biotechnology and biomedical association and Fred Hutchinson cancer research business alliance.

He has also played an enormous role in the cancer research sector and has brought up many innovations through Seattle genetics and advanced in cancer analysis and treatment. He has exhibited a great passion for helping cancer patients all around the globe, and this has led even the company to achieve much and makes tremendous advancement in the cancer therapy field. For instance, through his leadership, he has helped Seattle Genetics build up the first drug Antibody Drug Conjugates which was approved in 2011 by Food and Drug Administration. The drug has gone a great way in helping cancer patients all across the world.

Dr Clay Siegall has also gone a great way in advancing Seattle Genetics Inc. as a company for the 20 years he has been in its leadership. He has helped seek finances for the company through private and public offerings, e.g. $330million in 2001. He has also employed more than 900 employees. Through him, the company has got various collaborations with various companies aimed at generating more resources, for example, the partnership with Genentech, Progenics, Med-immune, Bayer and Curagen. These agreements have brought in a lot of financial resources.

Dr Clay Siegall can, therefore, be seen as an innovator, leader, team worker and a very dedicated person in whatever he does.