Desiree Perez and Jay Z in the Blink of Striking a Deal with Universal Music Group

For nine years now, Jay-Z and Live Nation have been under a binding music-recording business deal worth $150 million. The deal will be terminating at the end of the tenth year, which happens to be next year, leaving the rap superstar free to enter into new deals. Live Nation doesn’t appear keen on renewing the deal and already considering other business options. Rumors from sources close to the top leadership of Live Nation indicate that the company no longer have interests in buying or selling music recordings. The sources are also pointing to a possible touring deal between the company and Jay-Z, meaning they will continue engaging in business.  Click on this for additional reading.

Possible Deals

According to sources close to Jay-Z, the rap star cum businessman is looking for another firm to fill the gap left by Live Nation. His music-recording company, Roc Nation, is already doing well, with celebrities like Rihanna, Fat Joe, and Shakira already signed up with the firm. From the look of things, Jay Z may have found a partner in the Universal Music Group. It is understood that Jay, accompanied by Desiree Perez, visited Santa Monica recently to meet Sir Lucian Grainge. Sir Grainge is the CEO of UMG.  Related article on

If Roc Nation manages to get a deal with Sir Grainge, the greatest beneficiary of the deal will be Jay’s Tidal app. The app has trailed veteran music streaming apps, such as Apple and Spotify, and the resources Jay will get from a UMG deal will go a long way in bolstering Tidal’s competition.


Desiree Dez Perez is among the top executives at Roc Nation. In fact, those close to Jay Z and Roc Nation say that it is Desiree who stirs-up deals in the company. The Rihanna Samsung deal, in particular, was made possible by Desiree’s negotiation prowess. She is a longtime friend of Jay, with both being members of the Hova Circle.  Check

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