Coworking Spaces Are Gaining Ground for Companies


The newest trend in company office space solutions is the coworking space. Just what is a coworking space? Generally speaking, a coworking space is made up of a diversified group of freelance workers, remote employees and other independent representatives who work in a communal setting. Researchers, whose specialty is studying employee satisfaction and productivity, were shocked to discover that workers who had an office in a coworking space were much more productive and satisfied than those in other settings. One of the amazing facts uncovered about coworking spaces was that the people who use them tend to see their work as more meaningful than employees who are confined in an office. Another big reason for this satisfaction is that in a coworking space there is almost no direct competition or internal politics to deal with. This is because of the variety of individuals and skill sets found in a coworking space and because there is more of an opportunity to describe not only what you do to the other occupants but you find yourself in a place where it is normal to help each other out.

People who use these communal spaces also see their work as more freeing because they have more control. Coworking spaces are normally accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Unlike in an office, this gives them the option to put in a long day because of a deadline or if they need to take a break or shut down early because of a personal reason. They can even choose to work out of their home to meet a family member need without having to worry about any repercussion. Another reason that these communal spaces thrive is the feeling of community in them. Each of these communal spaces has its own personality and the managers of the space go out of their way to make each space a one of a kind experience. However, socializing with other members is not forced or mandatory. There are times when everybody want and needs to be left alone and this, of course, is understood.

One of the newer of these coworking spaces in NYC is Workville, a communal space located near Times Square and Bryant Park on the 21st floor of a luxury office building at 1412 Broadway in New York City. Workville offers you the choice of a private office, open co-working, conference rooms, internet access, mail services and private cleaning. They also have more than one location to choose from. To see all the possibilities available to you with their unique spaces go to the website at or call or e-mail them at 646-257-5537 and [email protected]