Greg Secker: A Leading Expert In Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market, also known as forex can be accessed 24 hours a day. Specializing in trading international currencies, forex differs from the stock market because there are no centralized exchange. All trading of foreign exchange occurs over computer networks. While the stock market can be unstable due to inflation and wage stagnation, many traders are turning to forex to increase profits.

Since forex differs from traditional trading, many traders experience a learning curve. But, there are many benefits to forex trading after learning software basics. For as little as $250, anyone can trade through forex. To help become familiar with foreign trading, forex platforms and programs are equipped with a demo account to become comfortable with foreign trading. As the popularity for forex trading continues to grow with an estimated $4.9 trillion per day, forex offers mobile apps for greater flexibility. The greatest benefit about forex is that profit can still be made even with fluctuations in the market.

As a leading successful forex trader, Greg Secker shares valuable tips for foreign trading through interviews, trading workshops and seminars around the world. Secker suggests anyone new to trading should have a solid foundation of market methods and terminology. Once basic knowledge of forex is mastered, a trader should find a strategy and stick with it. When investing and learning how forex works, Greg Secker advises new traders to keep emotions out of trading to avoid rash decisions. Along with handling setbacks without extreme emotions, Secker suggests that all new traders be realistic with a modest trading budget.

An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Greg Secker became a multi-millionaire in his twenties through his knowledge of trading. With a desire for helping others become entrepreneurs, Secker now owns Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts Software. Secker began his career in Thomas Cook Financial services. Since venturing into the foreign exchange business he created Virtual Trading Desk. Virtual Trading Desk allows traders to receive online real-time forex trading quotes.

With a passion for trading comes an equal passion for improving the quality of life for those in need. Because of his passion, The Greg Secker Foundation was formed in 2011. The foundation focuses on changing lives worldwide through such programs as the Early Childhood Development Program and the Youth Leadership Summit. Since 2016, Greg Secker has rebuilt homes for those affected by cyclones and typhoons in the Philippines. To date, The Greg Secker Foundation has rebuilt a village of 100 homes.