US Money Reserves Guarantee Quality Service And Client Satisfaction


Brief History


The US money reserve was started in 2001 and is one of the country’s largest distributors of US government issued gold, platinum, and silver products. It is based in Austin, Texas. Clients looking to diversify their assets with US gold and silver coins seek these services from the money reserve. The institution has since developed into one of the largest distributors of physical precious metals.


Service Overview


The company is devoted to satisfying all their customers, whether regular or new, without bias. The firm provides resources and support required to enhance clients’ experience. Their gold specialists help customers in choosing which precious metal will help them achieve their goals. Moreover, the institution also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on its certified coins in case a client is dissatisfied.


The firm employs an array of experts, ranging from coin research professionals to numismatic gurus. Customer relations, a vault and shipping, and a business department are also included. In addition, there is sales verification personnel who work hand in hand with a compliance and standards department to provide high-quality bars, coins, and bullion along with superior client satisfaction.


The establishment has up to date served over 300,000 individuals. This is because it prioritizes building a trustworthy relationship between prospective clients and itself, even before conducting business. They have a dedicated phone line through which customers can share their objectives and in turn get professional advice on how to deal with their unique situation.


A New-look Website


The company recent rolled out a top-notch website with an advanced interface. The new look site has incorporated a new coin alert as well as a pictorial of its current president and former US Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl. The site enlightens clients in the merits of investing in government-issued coins while enhancing purchasing experience.


Customers can enroll to an information kit that updates them on precious metals and terms associated with coin minting. The online shop offers live competitive pricing of silver and gold bars. PGCS certified coins and other exclusive products are also availed on the website.


A new feature, called the Client-Connect Advantage, is also included on the new site. This feature enables the firm to contact clients for personal consultations, special offline releases, secure offline transactions, and purchasing assistance. This feature paired with a fast insured shipping has had the customer numbers soar greatly in recent times.

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