Cloudwick Created CDL to Manage Data Lake Security

Cloudwick is a company that provides biomodal digital business services. They focus on targeting the Global 1000 businesses and provide cloud, business intelligence modernization, data science, IoT, mobile app development, pilot to production for big data, as well as advanced analytics. The company was recently featured on the Business Wire Website in the article titled “Research and Markets: Big Data Manufacturing: Key Trends, Opportunities, and Market Forecasts 2015-2020.”

The article revealed how quickly the manufacturing industry is beginning to transform. With huge growth in technology, competition and the changing needs of global consumers, companies need to have both flexibility and efficiency. Big data may help manufacturing markets create better business models while also revamping their operational process.

Cloudwick was also featured on the AWS Partner Network Blog on the Amazon website in an article by Arun Kumar Palanthumpattu Thankappan. Arun leads the cloud practices team at Cloudwick. The article titled “How to Deploy a Data Lake in Minutes with Cloudwick’s Data Lake Foundation on AWS Quick Start” reveals that data lakes can be used in an industry vertical. Many businesses need data lakes to create more business growth. Data lakes are a repository that is centralized to help businesses keep large amounts of data in a single location.

The Quick Start at Cloudwick helps businesses to store, monitor and analyze large amounts of data in the AWS Cloud. Amazon ES uses the data catalog because of the velocity and variety of data. The data management layer helps capture the metadata to understand the streams of data and where they come from.

The company has also released CDL, a Data Lake platform that uses data science to operate advanced analysis. It also provides machine learning security analytics and algorithms to keep your data safe. The processor keeps metadata organized and can analyze more than 100s of billions of events. The product has required three years of work to create one of the leading security platforms. CDL provides security for big data and can unlock siloed data for analysis. It also makes the Data Lake easier to access for data scientists and security vendors.

GreenSky Credit considers what could be largest fintech IPO this year

GreenSky Credit has become one of the most well-established companies within the fintech space. The company was founded in 2006 by career entrepreneur David Zalik. Zalik had the idea for GreenSky when he was working with a number of the largest players in the home improvement space. He found an area where the industry’s business model was failing to close billions of dollars each year in additional sales.

He developed a technological interface that instantly connected qualified borrowers with some of the top lenders in the country. This enabled the additions of billions of dollars per year to the home improvement economy and almost instantly propelled GreenSky into the upper echelons of the fintech industry.


A good candidate for an IPO

Within three years, the company was doing hundreds of millions of dollars in loans each year. Over the last decade, GreenSky has roundly proven itself as a stable and viable means of generating billions of dollars of new loans. The company has reached a state of maturity that may make it an ideal candidate for going public.

Going public has a number of large advantages. It greatly increases transparency and liquidity, ensuring that all stakeholders get a fair shake while also providing the company with the capital it needs to continue expanding. While GreenSky Credit’s current value has been estimated to be around $5 billion, many analysts are predicting that the company’s value as a public firm could skyrocket to as much as $10 billion as almost all public companies trade at a premium to their private equivalents.

This would make the company one of the biggest fintech companies in the United States and would mark an incredible ascent for a company that had been financed and started completed by one man. But whether or not the company will ultimately pull the trigger on its IPO may be largely dependent on the whims of the market. With recent downturns, including in the fintech sector, it may be impossible for the company to follow through. Regardless, the chance of GreenSky eventually going public is high.

Jason Hope Of Arizona Is A Great Mind In The Tech World

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and studied for his bachelor’s degree in finance at the Arizona State University. He went on to earn is master’s degree at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope (@JasonHope) has been heavily involved with technology-based philanthropy and entrepreneurial endeavors during his career. He is known for making accurate technology and industry predictions.

Jason is a big believer of IoT (Internet of Things) market trends. IoT products are common physical products that are have network connects, also known as smart devices. Jason is a firm believer that the cars will be fully connected to the Internet. This will lead to reducing using of cellphones whilst driving as well as better organization with car pooling. He believes that the buzzword “IoT” will be phased out since most products will be connected in the future anyway.

The SENS foundation has received a lot of support and financial backing from Jason. In 2010, he pledged a whopping $500,000 towards the foundation. The foundation is dedicated towards improving biotechnologies to combat age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis and Diabetes. He believes that Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s approach towards these diseases are the absolute only way to go.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Jason offers a grant program through his official website. New tech ideas that are submitted by students are personally reviewed by him and he will pledge $500 to $5000 to projects that seem worthwhile.

Jason runs his own blog, discussing technology and market issues. He discusses many topics such as IoT related news, Mozilla smart phones, Amazon Prime Music, no power WiFi, coding, self driving cars and other news. In his blog posts, Jason overviews IoT and it’s relevance in the 2015 International CES Convention.

Jason contributes to many tech related websites, publishing mostly works that are related to IoT. He has been featured on, Business 2 Community, and Tumblr. His name has also been featured in main stream news outlets such as Market Wired, Street Insider and Yahoo Finance.

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