Lung Institute Presents at Stem Cell Conference

The Lung Institute Institute in Tampa will present their stem cell treatment and research at the Third International Conference for Responsible Stem Cell Research in Padua, Italy. With their success in treating pulmonary fibrosis and COPD patients, they will be presenting the importance and implications for stem cell treatments. This conference covers how stem cells are currently used and how they could be used in the future. See,

Dr. Jack Coleman, Lung Institute doctor, will be discussing how the normal processes for introducing new medicines can be obstacles for new technologies like stem cell therapy. Stem cells are quickly reshaping how certain diseases are being treated. However, Dr. Coleman says, the normal process of introducing new medicines is expensive, slow, and quite inconvenient. In his presentation, he will discuss the funding of research, laboratory trials, clinical treatments, and the slow process of moving to the shelves. He will also discuss the regulations around the processes and how it affects patients in time and cost. Time can be a factor for some patients who do not have a lot of time. He will cover how other countries have solved this problem.

In a report by PR Web, biotechnology companies are currently regulated by government run regulatory agencies. Since the agencies are under government control, the cost is usually passed on to the patient and or insurance. Since this process makes the treatment so expensive, patients often look to less controlled and regulated routes. He argues that the medical field has a duty to patients to give them the best care possible, and these processes are hindering them.

The Lung Institute is a medical provider that treats lung diseases with regeneration of cells, like through stem cells. To this date, they have treated close to 3,000 patients. 84.5% of their COPD patients saw an improvement in their quality of life. To learn more about COPD, visit