Shervin Pishevar states that every asset class is currently overvalued

Shervin Pishevar has been one of the most successful venture capitalists in the world of tech. He has founded many companies, including Social Gaming Network, Ionside and WebOS. He has also been one of the key players in the formation of such companies as Uber, Airbnb and Virgin Hyperloop.

But Shervin Pishevar is also one of the most vocal analysts of the state of the U.S. economy throughout the world of social media. Shervin Pishevar operates one of the most heavily followed Twitter feeds of anyone in the world of tech. And he has expounded on nearly every topic of national importance with an oratorical skill that has made him the center of attention among the Silicon Valley intelligentsia.

One of the things that Shervin Pishevar has repeatedly been warning about is the overvaluation that is currently seen throughout the United States in virtually every asset class. As a longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, Pishevar has watched as real estate values have skyrocketed to stratospheric levels, making even the most basic housing throughout the region completely unaffordable for anyone not making a top-1-percent salary.

Pishevar says that, while this has been a generally positive development for those who bought and held property over the last two decades there, the long-term consequences may prove to be dire. The middle-class, the engine of the local economy, has been fleeing in droves for over five years. And, increasingly, young people are finding it impossible to form families, thus depriving the area of the most important source of consumer spending: middle-class families with children.

But Pishevar says that the asset bubble is hardly contained just to San Francisco real estate. He says that the equities and bond markets are also badly overvalued even at levels more inappropriate than those seen in housing. He says that, ultimately, the real problem that investors currently face is that there simply is no safe harbor. Even cash, which is put at risk by the threat of future currency-debasing actions of the Federal Reserve, is not completely safe. Pishevar says that investors may ultimately need to turn to offshore assets.

Caring For My Sensitive Skin With Help From Doe Deere

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had very sensitive skin. My skin needs very special care. This is why I have to be very careful about the kind of makeup products that I choose to buy. The wrong makeup products can cause me to break out almost instantly. In the last few years I’ve chosen to turn to a company that is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is one of the best makeup companies in the world. I know they have products that are specifically designed for people like me with sensitive skin in need of delicate care.

Excellent Products

At Lime Crime, under the auspices of founder Doe Deere, the items that are put for sale here are always items that are designed with people like in mind at all times. Deere knows that people like me who have sensitive skin need special care. She knows that the wrong ingredients can easily trigger a serious problem of some kind. This is why she carefully supervises each product that is offered for sale on the site to make sure they will go gentle on the skin and not cause any kind of irritation in some way.

Fashion Choices

Unlike some other places where products for sensitive skin can mean products that have no style, this is not true at Lime Crime. Lime Crime is all about the use of color in life. Doe Deere wants her fans to be able to find products that allow them to be who them they are and have items that let us show off our own finely honed color sense. Like so many of us, Deere sees the world and wants to be part of us. With her makeup line, she makes it so easy to so this without even leaving the house.

Well Tested Items

You know that you can count on her for help when you are looking for products that have been fully tested. She doesn’t leave the testing process to someone else. This is one of many steps that you know allow her to exert greater control and bring us items that are not going to cause skin breakouts. Deere wants us to feel free to pick out items from her line that are soft on the skin. She also aims for products that look great as well as feel perfect the second you put them on.


Managing a Social Media Crisis Effectively is Vital to Retaining a Strong Online Reputation

Reputation is an executives’ top strategic risk. When bad news pops out on social media platforms, it spreads faster than good news. If nothing is done promptly, a company may end up losing their customers within a short period. Long before the crisis strikes,

Every business should have a plan ready for an online reputation crisis.

When developing a reputation management strategy, you have to ensure that shared standards are maintained in the company. Shared standards give a firm foundation for an efficient crisis response strategy. Every employee should understand the policies developed by the enterprise for all aspects of operations and commit to them. This will position the entity in the best state ready to deal with a crisis.

Seven steps to defend a company’s reputation

1. Act promptly

Take action as fast as possible instead of waiting for more negative information to pop in and the situation to run out of control. People affected by the crisis demands quick answers. 

2. Take control

You should have the mentality that your firm will manage the crisis and not the other way round. Look into hiring a firm such as ReputationDefender or to help manage the problem

3. Handle with Honesty

The worst mistake a firm can do is to provide false information in such a situation. Explain what is happening in the most appealing way.

4. Deal with criticism as it comes

The internet enables you to see the critics as they arise. It is much better to address the critics as they arise rather than search them out. 

5. Communicate the misfortunes facing the firm

The company should use all the means to inform the clients what is happening and the actions it is taking to bring the situation to a halt. Again, using an ORM firm is best in these situations; they’re experienced at solving these types of problems. 

6. Encourage dialogue

The firm should provide the supporters with an online platform where they can express their opinions on the company and the step it has taken to stop the crisis.

7. Reassure the clients

Give a word of assurance to the customers. Inform them that there are appropriate responses that have been employed to ensure the crisis does not happen again.

You do not have to delay until your company’s reputation has been totally damaged for you to take action. Prepare on how you can defend your firm’s reputation by building an effective plan.


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