Slyce’s Partnership With Shoes Carnival Begins Now!

Slyce is making big moves in their company’s development. Yet again, they have partnered with a major brand that is well known in the retail world. One of their latest and greatest partnerships to date is with a major shoe store that has over 400 locations in the United States. Shoe Carnival Inc. and Slyce signed an official agreement to work together in October of 2015, and according to Market Wired, they two companies have officially launched their agreement together. Slyce will be showcasing Shoe Carnival’s products to lucky consumers that are using their visual search app to get closer to their purchases.

How Does Slyce Work?

Slyce is pretty easy to understand. If you have ever tried online shopping, then you will have no problem with understanding Slyce. If you have never tried online shopping before, then you are in luck because this is a lot easier than having to hunt down the products that you are looking for in the stores or on the web. You can actually use Slyce to visual search for any product that is in your environment with a simple click on your phone. You are one step closer to easily finding anything you want to buy when you download Slyce.

The application is free to use and free to download. It is one of the best technological achievements in retail and online shopping in the last two decades. Slyce brings consumers into a virtual shopping place wherever they go. You could be sitting in a food court of your favorite mall when you see some shoes that you like on your friend who just joined you. Instead of asking where the friend got the shoes, or searching around in stores, just take a picture of their shoes to search through Slyce’s automated system.

In an article from Market Wired on NASDAQ’s website, more information regarding the new partnership is revealed. These two companies joined forces to make it easier for consumers to access high quality footwear that is affordable. Shoe Carnival is a great store to buy anything in terms of footwear for the whole family. Now, people can get the quality footwear that they deserved through Slyce’s convenient platform. Users of Slyce have been going crazy about how convenient this application is to use.