Rocketship Education Is Helping Parents Too

Rocketship Education recently opened up a charter school in Washington, DC. They plan on operating more like a neighborhood school than the other charter schools in the city. They are required to accept students from all over Washington, DC. However, they are focusing on recruiting students from Ward 8.

Rocketship Education places a large emphasis on having parents involved in the decision process at the school. They also want to help out the parents in any way that they can. That is why they are planning on having a room where parents can have internet access at the school. Many parents do not have internet access at home. Many parents simply cannot afford to have internet access. The parents will be able to use the room when they are picking up their children from school or dropping them off. They will be able to send job applications using the computers in the room. They will also be able to use the computers for all of their other needs.

Patterson, the principal of the school, says that if you want to help out the community, you need to start with the parents. That is why they are focusing on including the parents and helping them out. The parents are also involved in interviewing the teachers and choosing them. For the parents, it is a new and exciting experience. In addition, the school is going to teach the parents how to advocate for the students even after they leave the Rocketship Education school network, even when they are already in high school. They are teaching the parents how to be involved in the education of their children. Parents are excited to be taking such an active role.

Rocketship Education focuses on helping students improve their lives so that they are more positive. That is why they help their students focus on gratitude. They are committed to helping their students share their gratitude to everyone in their lives. Rocketship Education has some core values that everyone in the school adheres to.