New Brunswick New Jersey; Violent Crime a Closed Incident or New Standard in Community?

New Brunswick, New Jersey has had a chaotic string of violence throughout its’ recent history. A shooting and robbery have created a new civil fear for those law-abiding citizens residing in the communities once quiet confines. Various residential and commercial areas have become hot spots where random violent crimes have been committed.


New Brunswick Apartment Complex has been one such area of crime. On a calm day in October police were notified of a shooting located at 33 Commercial Avenue. The incident took place in the area of building number one in the apartment complex. The 206 unit building is located right across the road from a police department headquarters, which make this crime even more disturbing. The victim had a single non-life threatening gun shot wound and was taken to the local hospital by another civilian in a dark toned Honda. While the injured individual did not sustain any major injury, multiple bullet casings were found outside the suspected location. The man that is believed to have perpetrated the crime was thought to be wearing a hoodie and fled the scene on foot after the crime.


The apartment complex shooting is not the only recent crime in the area. On November 30, 2012, a pizza delivery man was robbed by a group of delinquents. After being told a pizza delivery was incorrect at Quincy Circle, three young men approached the delivery guy and claimed that they ordered the pizza. One suspect then placed a gun to the victims’ head and stole the pizza, money, and wallet prior to fleeing in an older minivan. Fortunately, the police were able to use cell phone records to link 21 year old Parysh Wood, or “Pistol”, to the site of the crime. An arrest and armed robbery charges ensue for Wood and other arrests for the two remaining delinquents were forthcoming.


While these rash crimes have come as a surprise to this quiet community, the police and other involved entities are stepping forward to solve the cases and charge those individuals who are responsible. Hopefully through due diligence and a strong community stance against violence, this area of New Brunswick will once again go back to its’ peaceful atmosphere.