Todd Lubar the Mortgage Banker

Todd Lubar is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in mortgage banking. He is a resident of Bethesda Maryland and is currently the president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. Lubar played a vital role in the success story of Legendary Investment where he served as the senior vice president. In 2005, Todd accepted a job as a senior president with charter funding, a position he held until August 2007. While he focuses mostly on mortgage banking, he also owns several other companies in different industries.

Todd Lubar graduated in 1995 from Syracuse University. Upon Completion of his university degree, Todd started off his career. In the first stages of his career, Todd worked for Crester Mortgage cooperation where he served as a loan originator, a position that enabled him to mingle and engage with different people in the industry. As a result, the father of the two acquired a lot of knowledge in mortgage banking which he used to further his career. Having developed a crucial platform, he launched his first company Legendary Properties, LLC.

According to an article on, his achievement and contributions to mortgage banking are unmatched. One of his residential development company is responsible for numerous transactions in the single and multifamily properties. In 2007, mortgage industry evolved. Lubar decided to specialize in mortgage origination that led to the launch of Legendary Financial LLC, a company that provides commercial lending services. He found himself to be very fascinated by the business that he used legendary properties liquidity as well as his savings to fund most borrowers. His experience and knowledge have contributed to the success of the company. Todd Lubar has appeared on the list of the top 25 loan originators in the country.

Todd Lubar has made a name for himself in the real estate industry. He can be described as a passionate real estate agent. His vast knowledge and experience have played a significant role in shaping the real estate industry over the years. Todd Lubar has been a real mentor and has talked to prospect entrepreneurs on how to invest and how to choose the field to invest in wisely. To read more, visit

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