Porfirio Sanchez Galindo | Rising the Success Ladder

Televisa is among the top Spanish speaking media companies broadcasting in United States, Mexico, and over 50 other countries via paid cable. The company has received success in the media under the leadership of its CEO, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo. The television has hope for much success under Galindo’s leadership since he is a professional at his work.

Galindo’s Professional Qualifications

Earning the title of the CEO for a large company as Televisa, one requires having personal achievements and a good track record in addition to educational qualifications. Galindo Sanchez attended Carnegie Mellon University where he received training in software research. Also, he is a holder of Applied Mathematics from ITAM as well as Executive Education from Stanford. He has used all this academic knowledge to realize the success he knows today.

Responsibilities at Televisa

Galindo didn’t realize his leadership in one day. He started off working in lower positions in the company. Among his early duties included serving as an advisor to the finance secretary. His exemplary performance saw him promoted to become the company’s director general of economic analysis and special project. In this capacity, Sanchez was in charge of the company’s marketing and telecommunications sector.

His hard work and dedication saw him further appraised to become the CEO of the largest television network in the Spanish speaking community. In his capacity, Sanchez oversees marketing, advertising, media and entertainment, broadcasting, and other forms of telecommunication within the network.

Achievement in Televisa

Through his leadership, Televisa has realized massive results such as achieving a revenue of $10 billion. His most recent project that aims at bringing Televisa more success is the YOO. The project is a marketing strategy that will provide basic television, telephone, and internet services to the public all as one package. The main agenda of the YOO project is to ensure that every home in Latin America has internet, television, and telephone services in their home.

Porfirio Galindo Sanchez highly encourages teamwork as he believes this is the only way YOO’s objective can be achieved. He looks forward to the day every person will be connected to the internet, which is the dream of Group Televisa.