JustFab: So Much To Offer

In a recent article featured in the LA times, it was brought to consumers attention the power of a company called JustFab. Owned by a corporate company called the El Segundo Company, they are also the owners of sister companies like Fabletics and JustFab Kids. If you are unfamiliar with these brands, you must become acquainted. JustFab is a subscription company that sends its customers new clothing each and every month at a fixed cost. Subscription boxes are a recent craze among people worldwide, but JustFab is one of few that has continued to find great success. Companies like Birchbox have even lost twelve percent of their customers in the past year, whereas JustFab is set to make one hundred and fifty million more than it did last year. Thanks to its wide variety of companies and types of clothing, they have a lot to offer its huge clientele.

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The article goes on to talk about how the name of JustFab I set to change this year, in the hopes for even more growth. They will continue to have their lines of children’s, women’s and athleisure clothing in great varieties for their loyal customers. JustFab’s wide success has been such an eye opener for the El Segundo Company to continue making changes and promote growth of this half billion dollar company.

If you’ve never heard of JustFab, this company is a subscription company that allows you one shipped box per month with an item or outfit you’ve selected on JustFab or one of the sister companies. The price will always remain the same, and you can gradually grow a wardrobe with this fantastic subscription box. Feel free to skip a month, shop at your leisure or just get your monthly boxes. The options are endless with JustFab and you will be hooked from the moment you sign up. Source: https://www.heels.com/shoe-brand/just-fab-shoes

Caring For My Sensitive Skin With Help From Doe Deere

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had very sensitive skin. My skin needs very special care. This is why I have to be very careful about the kind of makeup products that I choose to buy. The wrong makeup products can cause me to break out almost instantly. In the last few years I’ve chosen to turn to a company that is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is one of the best makeup companies in the world. I know they have products that are specifically designed for people like me with sensitive skin in need of delicate care.

Excellent Products

At Lime Crime, under the auspices of founder Doe Deere, the items that are put for sale here are always items that are designed with people like in mind at all times. Deere knows that people like me who have sensitive skin need special care. She knows that the wrong ingredients can easily trigger a serious problem of some kind. This is why she carefully supervises each product that is offered for sale on the site to make sure they will go gentle on the skin and not cause any kind of irritation in some way.

Fashion Choices

Unlike some other places where products for sensitive skin can mean products that have no style, this is not true at Lime Crime. Lime Crime is all about the use of color in life. Doe Deere wants her fans to be able to find products that allow them to be who them they are and have items that let us show off our own finely honed color sense. Like so many of us, Deere sees the world and wants to be part of us. With her makeup line, she makes it so easy to so this without even leaving the house.

Well Tested Items

You know that you can count on her for help when you are looking for products that have been fully tested. She doesn’t leave the testing process to someone else. This is one of many steps that you know allow her to exert greater control and bring us items that are not going to cause skin breakouts. Deere wants us to feel free to pick out items from her line that are soft on the skin. She also aims for products that look great as well as feel perfect the second you put them on.


Finding Comfort In And Out of The Gym

Clothes depict your emotions, mood, attitude and creative abilities. Most people draw their dressing styles from internal and external motivators. While runway and celebrity endorsements could create the hype towards certain brands and wear, personal expression is still the main determinant of what many choose to wear. Source: http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/category/fabletics-review

Easy wear, comfort wear, lazy wear, gym wear and all event wear are some of the tags that could define athleisure. It could be the next best alternative to casual wear, official wear, and event wear.

Athleisure wear’s of Fabletics main inspiration is fitness. Common components of this wear include track pants and suits, leggings and fitness bras and tops. The wear has over the years transitioned to a multipurpose wear. Creativity coupled with the demand for comfort and style has driven athleisure wear proliferation. Athleisure is contagious, one can’t help but admire, get inspired, feel fit and get into one.

Fabletics focuses on bringing out the exquisiteness of every body shape across all genders. In line with its aim of inspiring a healthy lifestyle, the brand has successfully rolled out chic designs that can be worn in and out of the gym. Its main assets are the customers who define their creativity.

Fabletics product range includes leggings for both genders that flatter any body size and assures comfort by offering garments that suit any occasion. Their main strength is their never ending creativity expressed via their different clothing lines. New installations of Fabletics are released each month. We release new brands and designs every month. Be sure to keep visiting our website frequently to stay up to date with the latest in athleisure wear.

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Jason Wu’s Latest Release and Information about Fashion Retailer JustFab

The New York City based fashion designer, Jason Wu has announced a new diffusion line of clothing called Grey Jason Wu. According to a news feature published in the Vogue magazine, the designs of the new label have been in the works for the last 12 months. Jason Wu shared the designs of his new line on Tuesday 12, January on Instagram under the account “Introducing#GREYJasonWu”. The post included sketches and inspiration points. The new pieces will be competitively priced at $295 to $1,395. Grey Jason Wu clothing line will hit the retail stores on June 2016.

The new line targets women who are looking for beautiful, yet uncomplicated clothes designed to suit everyday need. Some of the notable clients of Jason Wu clothing line include Michelle Obama, Emma Stone and Ivana Trump. Vogue magazine is also reporting that Jason just got married to his long time partner, Gustavo Rangel in Tulum, Mexico. In other fashion news, UK’s Guardian newspaper is reporting that the leading designer, Giorgio Armani has agreed to cease using animal furs on its products following decades of lobbying by animal rights groups.

About JustFab
The other clothing line that is competing for its share of the women’s fashion and accessories market is JustFab on youtube. The subscription lifestyle, fashion retailer sells a selection of jewelry, denim, shoes and handbags online at very affordable prices. Over the years JustFab, Inc has transformed the way women around the world shop for fashion items. According to the company website, Justfab.com, the retailer offers a personalized shopping experience to all its clients around the world.

The company’s portfolio includes brands such as FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. Fabletics provides a range of high quality lifestyle activewear and accessories designed to meet the needs of the modern active woman. FabKids, on the other hand, is a children’s apparel that is specially designed to offer growing kids affordable and ready to play outfits. One of the benefits offered by JustFab to its customers is the VIP membership. VIP members enjoy special prices and offers. Members also get to enjoy friendly return policies on ordered items.