Jason Hope Of Arizona Is A Great Mind In The Tech World

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and studied for his bachelor’s degree in finance at the Arizona State University. He went on to earn is master’s degree at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope (@JasonHope) has been heavily involved with technology-based philanthropy and entrepreneurial endeavors during his career. He is known for making accurate technology and industry predictions.

Jason is a big believer of IoT (Internet of Things) market trends. IoT products are common physical products that are have network connects, also known as smart devices. Jason is a firm believer that the cars will be fully connected to the Internet. This will lead to reducing using of cellphones whilst driving as well as better organization with car pooling. He believes that the buzzword “IoT” will be phased out since most products will be connected in the future anyway.

The SENS foundation has received a lot of support and financial backing from Jason. In 2010, he pledged a whopping $500,000 towards the foundation. The foundation is dedicated towards improving biotechnologies to combat age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis and Diabetes. He believes that Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s approach towards these diseases are the absolute only way to go.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Jason offers a grant program through his official website. New tech ideas that are submitted by students are personally reviewed by him and he will pledge $500 to $5000 to projects that seem worthwhile.

Jason runs his own blog, discussing technology and market issues. He discusses many topics such as IoT related news, Mozilla smart phones, Amazon Prime Music, no power WiFi, coding, self driving cars and other news. In his blog posts, Jason overviews IoT and it’s relevance in the 2015 International CES Convention.

Jason contributes to many tech related websites, publishing mostly works that are related to IoT. He has been featured on Tech.co, Business 2 Community, Medium.com and Tumblr. His name has also been featured in main stream news outlets such as Market Wired, Street Insider and Yahoo Finance.

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