Richard Dwayne Blair: Financial Planning Strategies to Keep In Mind

Financial planning is a topic that is discussed in many forums in the world. People are always looking for simple ways of planning their wealth so that they can be happy when they have retired. Without a professional who is well experienced, it can be tough for anyone to become successful in this department. Richard Dwayne Blair is an American professional who understands this area. Richard Dwayne Blair went ahead to form a company called Wealth Solutions so that the people who came to him seeking help could be assisted. Blair has been very successful in his career, and he is considered to be among the top finance executives in the entire country.

Richard Dwayne Blair and his special team working at Wealth Solutions decided that they were going to use a simple plan so that the customers can get their desired results. This plan was put in place when the company was founded several years ago, and it has been working so well. The Texas based organization has a three pillar strategy that is very popular among the American investors in the recent times. People who follow this plan always say that they are happy because they end up with excellent results compared to those who do not bother.

In the first pillar, Richard Dwayne Blair and his firm try so hard to lay the financial roadmap the customer is going to follow. This is done by getting to understand the goals of the client, the strengths, and the opportunities for growth under their belts, the risk tolerance and any other plan in the customer’s mind. This is the stage where Richard Dwayne Blair and his customers form healthy relationships that can survive the tough financial situations that come in the future.

During the second stage of the approach, the teams develop investment strategies that will be effective and long term so that the client goals and any liquidity needs are met at the right time. This stage is critical for both parties, and they all have to work hand in hand for the success of the customer. The final stage involves paramount activities. Implementation and monitoring take place at this stage of the plan.

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Richard Dwayne Blair Breaks Down Pillars to Financial Success

 Richard Dwayne Blair is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Austin, Texas branch of Wealth Solutions. A graduate of the University of Houston, where he garnered a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services, Mr. Blair recommends a three-pillar approach to attaining financial freedom and achieving the goals wherein. Catering specifically to the residents of the Austin, Texas area, the comprehensive financial plan that Mr. Blair utilizes, is geared toward effectively mapping out viable retirement solutions and wealth management. The three pillar approach allows Richard Blair to create an effective plan by beginning with the client’s current financial portfolio, which, in turn, allows him to gain a clear understanding of the desired trajectory.

In the first pillar, the client’s “financial roadmap” is created. During this process, Richard Dwayne Blair assesses a number of variables specific to the individual client, including strengths and weaknesses, risk tolerance, and the potential for growth. In this particular phase, a relationship is formed between Mr. Blair and his clients, which is designed for longevity and continued prosperity. The expectations and goals of both parties are clearly designated during the first pillar, allowing any concerns to be addressed and alleviated.

In the second pillar, Richard Dwayne Blair breaks down a long-term strategy for investment, which is customized for the needs of the client based on personal liquidity, as well as the overall trajectory of the intended financial improvement. By analyzing fluctuating market trends, Mr. Blair will manage and maneuver assets based on the most lucrative trends, while also minimizing any backlash that might result.

The third pillar utilizes an effective revision process and occurs only after goals have been established, and actions have been taken to improve financial stability for the future. This process equally involves Richard Blair and the client, using an “implementation and monitoring” strategy. The client’s financial goals are then tracked and compared with the expectations laid out in pillar one, particularly concerning historical data, and individual models.


Paul Mampilly and His Business Advice That May Prove Profitable for All Americans

In the world of business, one of the great issues of its leaders is the fact that it’s hard to detect whether a certain situation is an effect or a cause of a contingent position. However, there are also people like Paul Mampilly who can identify the rhetoric from the right information that matters without being impetuous. Paul Mampilly may know this because he’s been in the business for a long time, and he’s already been an established American investor, fund manager and a winner of the sought-after Templeton Foundation award in investing.

The Project That’s Bigger Than Amazon

Paul Mampilly is right now one of the most talked-about investor advice consultants online. His online subscription journal has received more than half a million of subscribers because of the remarkable advice that he makes for investors and stock brokers. In the article from Stock Gum Shoe, we learned that one of the stocks that Paul Mampilly seems to push today is the one that’s bigger than Amazon and Google combines, and that is Tesla. Tesla is a disruptor. It wants to change things, and alter the understanding that we have over what science can bring and do. With the new utilities of the modern market being controlled by Netflix, Amazon, and Google, there’s a lot of talks that Tesla will be part of the team. Paul Mampilly advises in the journal that he regularly puts out that the old is already getting wiped out and the new things of today will soon be replacing the old tech that we now take for granted. Investing in stocks that could benefit one’s portfolio should mean that Tesla has to be considered as an incontrovertibly profitable option.

About Paul Mampilly

We know that Paul Mampilly has already joined Banyan Hill Publishing last 2016, and he now serves as the paper’s senior editor that specializes in making sure that Main Street Americans can get a good slice of the pie in the stock market. His new investments in tech, small-cap stocks, and technology mean that he has the authority to advice people on what stocks to pick.

Ted Bauman And Rock-Solid Asset Protection

Taxes have been a big issue for residents of the United States since the nation has been in existence. Political matters nowadays heavily revolve around taxes, too. Not much has changed at all. President Donald Trump has a plan to cut down on taxes for people who are privileged. He aims to reduce taxes for corporations as well. People are passionate about taxes for a number of reasons. They minimize disposable income significantly. There is a problem that negatively affects people in the United States more than taxes, however. That issue is debt. People cannot see debt with their eyes. They can feel its negative effects in big ways, though.

Decreasing debt in the United States may help people take care of their financial burdens. It may be equally as powerful as minimizing taxes. Minimizing debt can potentially lead to all sorts of other positive results as well. It may even have the ability to take charge of educational costs . It may have the ability to manage housing costs as well. These are two major costs for people all throughout the nation. Countless people everywhere have to deal with steep housing and educational costs on a regular basis.

Ted Bauman is an editor who has been part of Banyan Hill Publishing in Delray Beach, Florida for quite a while now. He’s been on the Banyan Hill Publishing team since 2013. He edits the Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club and, last but not least, The Bauman Letter. Ted Bauman has many diverse areas of expertise. These subjects include low-risk investment practices, global migration matters, privacy and, finally, the protection of assets. People who want to keep their wealth intact, safe and secure regularly turn to Bauman’s advice and guidance. Bauman is an Atlanta, Georgia resident. He resides in the vast Southern city with his beloved family members.

Ted is active on both Twitter and Facebook where he shares his knowledge on investment matters.

Bauman works hard to assist people who want to be able to rule their financial futures. People who have concerns that pertain to their futures can always count on Bauman’s writing on He strives to assist people who are enthusiastic about freedom. He strives to aid individuals who don’t want to have to waste time thinking about debt and lack of spare money. Bauman is delighted to be part of the Banyan Hill Publishing crew on He works next to other people who know a lot about financial topics. These people include Matt Badiali and Chad Shoop.

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The Efforts of Jason Halpern’s in the Real Estate Development Field.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is an experienced expert in real estate construction. He has been in the sector for most of his life, and his family owns a leading construction company. Halpern is the proprietor of the JMH Development, which has been active since the 1990s. He kicked off his profession by working at the Halpern Enterprises when was still young. Jason is a managing partner at JMH Development and has led the firm to develop properties that are worth more than $500 million. The main areas that he has developed buildings are Miami, Manhattan, New York, and Westchester County. His company has majored in the construction of residential and commercial buildings and has been collaborating with other top businesses in the sector to ensure that projects are successful.


JMH Development has hired highly skilled professionals who understand how to plan, design, and establish various real estate properties. They have always been devoted to utilizing their exceptional development skills, excellent site knowledge, and outstanding marketplace information to construct top-notch buildings.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

The firm has built various significant buildings in New York. It transformed an 184 Kent Street-based warehouse into an excellent apartment that has about 340 residential units. The company also developed nine classy townhouses transforming the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, which were located in Brooklyn. Another major project that the firm has been involved in is the creation of top notch condos by rebuilding the Williamsburg-based Wild Turkey bourbon store. Halpern completed the project by joining efforts with Kushner Companies and Rockpoint Group, which are top construction firms. The project has 338 rental units, and the company finished it in 2010. JMH Development acquired the Brooklyn Heights Cinema and changed it into lavish condos. The company teamed up with Madison Estates to complete the deal. It also plans to construct a hotel that will be located on Long Island.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Halpern’s company has also completed various projects in Miami. It developed the Aloft South Beach, which is made up of over 200 rooms. The firm has partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures to establish various real estate properties in the city. Jason and JMH Development have also been participating in philanthropic undertakings.


How Jim Dondero Turns Alternative Investment Bets Into Wins

Jim Dondero co-founded alternative investing firm Highland Capital Management in 1993 and continues to serve as the President of the company. Under his leadership, the company has over $15 billion in alternative assets under management. He’s made a number of daring calls during his time with Highland Capital Management, including investing in American Airlines when everyone else was running away from its stock and buying Argentina’s currency when the country was seemingly mired in unsolvable problems.

While one would think that someone willing to take these types of bold moves would be outspoken and brash, Jim Dondero is actually introverted and prone to more thinking than talking. This has served him well in his career as his thinking has led to great gains for Highland Capital Management and its clients.The initial alternative investment class that Jim Dondero focused on when founding Highland Capital Management was on nonbank collateralized loan obligations. He was a pioneer in this asset class and success in this led to the company to soon start investing in other alternative investments. They launched their first mutual fund in 2000 and have continued to introduce new funds ever since.

Jim Dondero has been in the financial industry for over 30 years. After graduating from the University of Virginia with top honors he started his professional career at Morgan Guaranty. Before founding Highland Capital Management he also worked for American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst, and at Protective Life as its Chief Investment Officer.Jim Dondero strongly believes in giving back to the community.

He supports a number of nonprofits including those that are involved in education, public policy, and veteran’s affairs. Since 2005, Highland Capital Mangement has donated more than $10 million to various charities around the world. Among the many nonprofits he has supported are the Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, the Dallas Zoo, the Center for Brain Health, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library. He also donated his expertise and time, including being named as a member of the Executive Board for the Cox School of Business which is located at Southern Methodist University.


The Leading Wall Street Investment Advisor, Mr. Paul Mampilly, And His Profit Unlimited

Paul Mampilly first announced his presence in the New York investment sector about two decades ago. Since then, the highly sought after hedge fund manager has been pulling amazing investment deals for international companies, such as the Kinetic International and the Deutsche Bank. During an investment challenge organized by the Templeton Foundation in 2009, Paul pulled a surprise by gaining $38 million in return on a $50 million investment. He won that challenge.

Profit Unlimited

Fast forward to 2016; Paul was back with yet another masterclass piece of innovation. After signing up with Banyan Hill Publishing, he set out on a mission to guide Wall Street’s aspiring investors to landing lucrative investment deals. He started a research service, Profit Unlimited, through which he gives informed investment advice to his subscribers. The service has so far managed to attract more than six million subscribers in a record of one year, with the figure expected to fluctuate in the near future.

Profit Unlimited subscribers are entitled to a new stock update every month. Mampilly sends them a research-advised newsletter that analyses potentially viable investment opportunities in details. As an additional benefit of this newsletter, the subscribers also access a weekly update on how their investment fairs in the market.

Subscribers’ Reviews

Just like the overwhelming subscription rate, the nature of reviews by Profit Unlimited subscribers are equally overwhelming. One subscriber wrote to thank Mampilly for helping him make his first ever sensible gain in the stock market for over three decades.

Mampilly Paul

Mampilly secured his first job at Deutsche Bank in 1993 as an assistant portfolio manager. He was later promoted to become the portfolio manager in 1995. After attaining his MBA in finance back in 1997, Mampilly earned a promotion to the research analyst position. Since leaving the bank in 2001, he has since worked for ING Funds and Kinetics Asset Management.

Outside of the investment world, Paul Mampilly has for many years been involved in voluntary community work. Some of the notable organizations he has ever worked with include the International Center in New York and Big Brothers Big Sisters.