Facts about Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology (referred to as Wessex Institute or just WIT) is an organization that serves the international scientific community. It is an educational research institute that offers higher degrees and it is located in the New Forest National Park in England. The principal objective of this institution is to develop and provide a series of effective knowledge transfer mechanisms that are mainly directed towards the exchange of information between professional and academic users within the industry. This can only be achieved through a series of activities organized by a dedicated team of staff within the Institute and its associated companies. Wessex Institute has been able to establish a broad network of contacts and prestigious links with many organizations all over the world.
The institution was founded by Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1986, and it succeeded the Computational Mechanics Institute which was formed in 1981. Wessex Institute offers graduate programs at Doctoral and Masters Level, and most of them are in association with other academic institutions all over the world. They also specialize in research in the areas of Environmental Modeling, Fluid Mechanics, and Damage Mechanics. The Institute is popularly known for the International Conference Program. It is a program that is expanding both in size and scope, and it has brought renown to the Institute. The Wessex Institute of Technology organizes around 25 conferences every year that are held in different locations and in conjunction with other universities and organizations. The conference program has continued to grow, and it serves as a perfect medium to achieve the Wessex Institute’s international knowledge transfer aim.
According to its founders, the Institute is committed to serving as a link between academic and professional bodies all over the world and encouraging trans-disciplinary research. Wessex Institute has a publishing press that is known as the WIT Press. It is based in Ashurst Lodge, and it publishes conference journals and proceedings together with some specialized research monographs and edited works. They have expanded their activities to include the publication of research papers and other materials that are in electronic format. Most of these materials are available through the WIT eLibrary. Wessex Institute of Technology has a software arm, and it serves as a support to the industry, and it continues to maintain and develop the Boundary Element Analysis System which was originated by the Director of Wessex Institute Professor Carlos Brebbia.

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