Skout Shows We Are All Superheroes


National Superhero Day recently occurred to celebrate those who conduct superhero actions every day. Acting heroically does not mean you need a cape or a magical power or even super human strength. As reported on PR Newswire, Skout, the global social app that connects you to new people and expand your network celebrated National Superhero Day by providing its users, or Skouters, to give thanks to a friend or person in the network in the form of a virtual gift. By doing so, Skout made a donation to Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area.

In real life, being a superhero doesn’t take much. When you are at work and someone holds the elevator for you, or picks up something you’ve just dropped shows a sign of gratitude. It’s that gratitude that shows that we all have a little bit of superhero in us. Skout recognizes that we can all be superheroes and participated in National Superhero Day so someone’s life could be changed for the positive.

Skout recently did a survey on their site where 80% of people wanted to be a superhero. When that word is used, the first image that comes to your mind could be Superman, Batman, Spiderman or someone else. Asked in the survey, those were some very common answers. We can all be each other’s heroes and over the past year, Skout has used the virtual gift feature many times to give opportunities in the real world with donations.

Local organizations include SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and more. In every metro, we see many people facing hunger issues and giving back is a small token that doesn’t take much for most of us but means the world to those in need. Providing help with wellness exams for dogs and cats and providing to the food bank, Skout and it’s Skouters are showing that being a superhero doesn’t need be a full time job or come with a cape or a mask. It takes humans just being humans.

Skout is one of the largest global social networks spanning more than 180 countries and available in 16 different languages. Founded in 2007, Skout has its headquarters in San Francisco. Learn more about Skout at More information can be found at the following link here.

New York is No Longer The Crime Capital

How dirty is New York Streets? Is dirty streets a sign of heavy crowds and stray animals? Is it a sign of people that are homeless or people that just do not take the time to toss the trash in a can? Dirty streets are all over America. Most of the large cities have this problem. Thousands of people walk these streets every day. Is the quote that Robert De Niro made in “Taxi Driver” a true fact or a fallacy? According to Yahoo News, His quote was that “Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets”. This was a quote from a recent movie he was performing in. Street sweepers and residents took notice. The quote he made was not about dirt and trash but more about the type of people residing in the city. Drug Lords and Mobsters was what he was referring. New York and other cities are cleaning up their crime in the cities. People are taking notice and helping law enforcement to wipe out the crime in the cities. These larger cities are becoming the place to be for many. No longer is the city of New York the central place for crime and punishment.

If a criminal lawyer is what you are searching for you could check out the Lawyer lighthouse website. It lists the different lawyers by their type of service. Ross Abelow is on that list. He loves helping others. He also loves helping stray animals find loving homes and the food they need to survive. He set up a fund that will help pay for medicine and housing for the strays of New York. Ross hopes to raise over $5000. dollars for the cause. Animal shelters are working hard to provide for the dogs and cats in the shelters already. It is difficult without adequate donations. Without the funds, these dogs and cats will go hungry. In the winter months, these dogs and cats will be cold. Money from the fundraiser will help provide the food and shelter these lonely animals need until the perfect home can be found.

Ross Abelow launched the fundraiser after learning of the harsh conditions most of the city animals are living in. The shelters are doing all they can to provide. Donations are not what they need to be to provide for these animals. Each dollar raised will help in some way. If more people like Ross could help the streets of New York would be cleaner, safer, and not the final homes of dogs and cats. Do your part and check out the go fund me page for stray animals and the animal shelters of New York.

Check out Ross Abelow on Twitter