Looks, Options, And Dating: What Bumble from Whitney Wolfe Brings to the Table

Bumble has been making a lot of headlines. One of the things said about this product is that it has a different approach to dating app. For one thing, women have to do the initiating because of how it is set up. Men are not able to send the first message. The system will do the matching for both men and women with the women being given a time limit to approach before the match disappears. This does seem to have some of the features that men want in a dating app. The only thing is that there are still some other factors to consider in order to have dating app success with the app from Whitney Wolfe.

The things that mattered before Whitney Wolfe created app still matter even with Bumble in full effect. People have to make sure that they are presenting themselves in the best way possible. They have to put their best foot forward. The men themselves have to put a lot of effort into their profile so that they will stand out from all of the other men. Even with Bumble, women have to be very careful with who they choose so that they can make sure that they have the best possible relationships.

One thing that men have to do even with the settings Whitney Wolfe places on Bumble is make sure that they are looking their best. Men do not have to be models or celebrities, but they do have to show that they are taking pride in themselves. One thing that Whitney Wolfe herself knows is that women have a lot of options. Therefore, they have to make sure that they have someone that they know is going to be good for them. Therefore, men have to be as unique as possible when it comes to dating.

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Native Online Retailers Are the Future According to Fabletics Owner

These are turbulent times for established retailers. Many brands are noticing the shift in the consumer behavior. For one thing, the consumer going online more often as opposed to visiting the physical location. Companies like Walmart and Amazon are dealing with a huge fight for retaining customers. Amazon is fairing better in this changing world. However, Walmart is facing the need to change their approach to marketing. Even fast fashion companies are being faced with a little bit of a fight in order to stay relevant in the eyes of the customers. This is a really tough time to be a physical retailer.


One thing that Kate Hudson has stated is that the online retailer is the future. Therefore, anyone that is looking to start a business should go online. One of the best things about this is that this is one of the easiest things for people to do. It is also cost effective for people to start an online business. All of the avenues that they can use can go a long way towards getting sales. There are online marketers that are making money while spending very little money as a marketer. The old way of spending thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign has past.


One thing that Fabletics uses as the main marketing channel is social media. Their method of marketing involves engaging with the users on topics that are relevant to the company. Fashion is one of the relevant topics that can be used for engagement. Also, health is another relevant topic. This is when creativity comes in. Kate Hudson and other people involved with getting the brand out there have used their creativity to reach customers and not only tell them about the products, but also introduce them to something that is fulfilling to be a part of.


Fabletics is one of the companies of a new era that is not only connected online, but is also reaching into the deeper aspects of the person. This allows people to think deeply about the products they are buying and what they mean to the customer.

Whitney Wolfe and her Strategic Vision Helps Bumble to Grow

Whitney Wolfe is essentially a household name these days. That’s because she’s a champion for women everywhere. She’s someone who women admire, consider a friend, and think of as someone who is looking out for them. Wolfe gets what it’s like to be a woman trying to date in today’s society. THat’s how she came up with the concept of Bumble.

Bumble is an app where women call the shots. They are the ones who sign up, make a profile, upload some photos, and take charge. They get to decide whether or not they want to start a relationship with a man. This helps cut down on harassment and unsolicited messages. A man cannot message a woman unless she makes the first move. Wolfe knew that there was a demand for this type of app and she made it happen. Wolfe also knew just how hard it is for women to make friends, not just relationships. That’s how Bumble BFF was born. Bumble BFF allows users to connect and form relationships. It’s a great addition to the Bumble brand because there’s such a need for it. Many people relocate for jobs, school and they have a hard time making friends.

Bumble is even helping to form business connections. Bumble Bizz is an app where people can create a profile, attach their work, and talk about what they’re looking for business-wise. It helps users to form new connections, find reliable job prospect, and just talk to people who may be in a similar field to them.

None of these would be possible without Wolfe who continues to help the business grow. Her personal life is also growing. Wolfe recently tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Italy. Wolfe wed Michael Herd in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown. The two had a picture perfect wedding destination wedding. Their smiling photographs captured at the wedding just goes to show that anyone can find true love.

Wolfe has no plans to change her business or abandon ship. She will continue to help Bumble grow. Bumble is already one of the fastest growing mobile apps in the world. It’s all thanks to her strategic vision. That’s why new spin-offs of Bumble keep coming out. There’s a demand for them and Wolfe is making sure that those demands are met. All of this has to do with the fact that Wolfe wanted there to be a female-first platform. Now, there is one.

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Securus Technologies and the Improved Prison Technology Services

Few companies in each industry share the elite class of innovating the industry as a whole. When it comes to Prison technology industry, I can confidently say that it is Securus Technologies. It is a firm based in Dallas and founded in the year 1986 with a mission of revolutionizing the prison technology and incarceration services. When I analyze the achievements of Securus, I can confirm that it is due to the commitment of its leadership to provide innovative solutions and world-class service helped the company to grow bigger and become the industry leader. The firm covers all the major prisons in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.


Securus provides its world-class services to over 2,500 correctional centers across the three countries and reportedly serving the needs of more than one million inmates in the North America. I must say that the commitment towards technology innovation is making the firm different from others in the industry. Securus spent nearly $600 million during the last three years for focusing on improving the technology, acquisitions of services and firms, patent registration and acquisition, and more. In addition to that, Securus ensures that it provides excellent and highly responsive customer service that becomes a crucial parameter in the customer experience and long-term relationship.


Due to its unique solutions in the investigation, corrections, public safety, monitoring, and more, the prison technology company receives thousands of letters from jail authorities appreciating the firm’s efforts. Last year, Securus published some of those letters, by hiding the identity, due to the demand from the news reporters. Many of those letters praised how effective the call monitoring service given by Securus and revealed many crimes got solved by the information taken from it. Interestingly, it even helped the authorities to catch some corrupt staff members. The authorities also appreciated the efforts of Securus in the development and deployment of sophisticated technology capabilities.



Fabletics: Standing Out For Ingenius Marketing Techniques

Owing to the numerous brands that are always trying to set up in the fashion industry, very few brands emerge as truly successful. The activewear segment, in particular, is mostly governed by big names which other wise would have no competitor to challenge them. Fabletics is one company that decided to take on the activewear segment with full force and establish themselves as a successful clothing company. Today, the company is currently worth millions of dollars and has thousands of customers from all over the country.


Fabletics first opened its doors for business in 2013 and since then does have not only online stores but also physical ones. When it came to setting up the business online, the brand wanted to be different and opt for a more innovative approach to sell their products. Fabletics was started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who are both entrepreneurs who started their businesses at a very early age. The brand has formed collaborations with Kate Hudson and also has a special line of clothing by Demi Lovato. When it came to selling their products online, the brand wanted to do something to keep their customers coming back for more. For this purpose, they introduced a membership system which their clients would have to use to buy their clothing. For starters, if one wishes to look at the clothing that the brand has, they have to set up their account and choose a membership program that they wish to go with. This membership plan determines the number of clothing sets that one can opt for. The customers are then asked questions which would determine what kind of clothing they would like and shows them those pieces accordingly. Customers can then choose what they want, and select it and have it delivered to their doorstep. Every month, the customers have to log on once again onto the site and choose what they want to get.


Fabletics is all about giving their customers the most convenient experience of online shopping. By giving their customers a membership system, they are giving them a choice to buy clothing without having to go through much effort. The brand takes great care to ensure that the lines of clothing that they put out is refreshed every month to offer their customers nothing short of the very best.


The brand has tried their best to stand out from the crowd in every way possible. Even when it came to setting up their physical stores, the brand decided to make them seem more like trial rooms rather than warehouses. Using the latest tracking technology, the online website is synced with the item in the stores. Accordingly, the online store only shows those items that are there in stock in the physical stores. Since the stores are more of a trail room, the brand does not want to disappoint customers who come to the warehouse and cannot find what they want to try on. These coupled with a lot more ingenious marketing and business strategies are what has made Fabletics the fashion leader that it is today.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Was Able to Make Amazon Squirm

To get the attention of Amazon, you really have to be doing something quite spectacular in the fashion e-commerce market. Amazon usually is not looking over their shoulders because they command a whopping 20 percent of all the total sales in that industry. One company has given this retail giant a reason to squirm, and that company is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. In just a little over three years, Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics sold $250 million in workout apparel for the ladies. With no sign of slowing down, Amazon is certainly paying closer attention to what is happening to their huge lead.


If you want to know what the driving force is that has been causing this athleisure brand to blow off the racks, we talk with Hudson herself to get the dirt. Hudson credits the reverse showrooming sales technique in conjunction with the membership perks offered to all her loyal customers. The only way to understand these terms in real-time, we have to take a trip over to the Fabletics stores at the local malls. What we see happening in the retail store is quite amazing. There are women all over the store taking active-wear off the racks and trying them on, but many do not make a purchase when they leave. These women are filling out the lifestyle quiz, browsing new releases, and getting their memberships, but sales are not a top priority for sales associates.


Here is how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics began to make a real name for themselves in the fashion e-commerce market. Each time a piece of workout apparel was tried on inside the retail stores, it will get transferred to that member’s online account so when they log into the Fabletics e-commerce store, it is already in their cart ready to purchase. This makes it a breeze to simply pick up and start shopping again, and it also mean these women can stuff those shopping carts with things like leggings and tank tops that are plentiful in the online store.


Look at all the membership perks a customer will receive when they are shopping at Fabletics, it is in wide contrast to the discounted shipping you only receive as an Amazon Prime member. Loyal Fabletics customers will receive discounted active-wear pricing, free shipping for all online orders, and even the assistance of your very own personal shopper. Amazon may finally have some real competition to worry about.

Dating App, Bumble, Builds A Beehive – No, Really

Despite the massive popularity of dating app no companies have really tried in any meaningful way to connect their services to real world, brick and mortar locations. The company behind the stunningly successful female driven dating app, Bumble, is changing all of that by creating a meeting ground for users of their phone app which is tentatively being called, The Hive. If you think the name sounds a little on the nose you should wait until you see the inside of the facility, not only is it decked out with all manner of cafe-style chairs, tables, foot-stands, couches and lounge amenities and a big yellow sign which reads: Be Yourself, Honey! It is also covered with enormous and resplendent honeycombs to aesthetically represent the brand and keep Bumble firmly implanted in the forefront of the community members’ collective minds. But The Hive will be more than just a simple dating meet up station, it will so serve several other important functions for its users.

The creator and the current leader of Bumble, Ms. Whitney Wolfe publically stated that The Hive will be far more than merely just a gathering place for prospective dates, it will also be a general hub for all Bumble users. Ms. Wolfe, who was also one of the tech savvy brains behind the wildly successful Tinder app, further explained that The Hive was a attempt to capitalize on the very real and dedicated community that Bumble, as a brand, had created since its inception onto the popular dating app scene but that the brand, and by extension its user base, was moving well beyond the confines of dating.

This is evidenced by Bumble’s two latest brand extensions, respectively, Bumble BIZZ and Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF is intended to playout much the same as the original Bumble app except instead of the end goal being a good date and the relationship that follows with it, it will be focused exclusively on pairing people up who are looking for a long and lasting friendship. Bumble BIZZ, in contrast, is going to be aimed primarily at independent start up business owners and will show them how to build and keep a dedicated base of users and thus bolster their sales and brand recognition.

Doe Deere: Lime Crime Cosmetics Founder And CEO

Entrepreneur Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. As a child, she would play in her grandmother’s flower garden for hours on end. Her love of flowers and gardens accented with birds, butterflies, and bees carries through to her designs. At age 17 she moved to New York City where she fulfilled a desire to become a musician. Doe lived in NYC from 1998 to 2012 primarily in Brooklyn where she continued to play in her band. In fact, Doe met her husband in the band. With him, she learned how to collaborate on projects since both were songwriters.

As a child, Doe simply loved different colors, and she would wear clothes and accessories with many different bright colors. This love of color stayed with her until adulthood and became a huge part of her cosmetics line. Back in 2004, Doe registered a new eBay store called “limecrime” since it invoked her favorite color — bright green. This was her DIY colorful fashion line. She modeled everything herself, and she encouraged others to have fun with colors. The bright and colorful makeup brand followed naturally, so Lime Crime was launched in 2008. Doe was a bit surprised to see her brand take off like it did. Bright colors were practically nonexistent in makeup at the time, so Doe filled the void. She became a huge success in the beauty industry by following her heart.

As the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe proves that cosmetics can be a form of self-expression instead of just a way to conceal imperfections. With that in mind, Doe developed her line of colorful and cruelty-free cosmetics. These animal-friendly cosmetics are intensely pigmented and vibrant. She has developed eye shadows, nail polishes, and lipsticks that are bold and bright. Doe strongly supports other businesses owned by women. She enjoys mentoring other female entrepreneurs. Often she speaks at public venues such as the PHAMExpo (The Professional Hair and Makeup Exposition).

If you were to pass Doe Deere in the street you might recognize her from her brilliantly colored long flowing hair. It could be purple, pink, blue, green, or some other lovely color from the rainbow. She is living proof that folks from all different walks of life can make their dreams become a reality. Her advice is to follow your heart to unveil that unique quality that will lead you to success.

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Affordability + Personalization = Fabletics

In 2013 renown actress, Kate Hudson, created an athletic clothing brand for all women. The new product, Fabletics, was created to be athleisure wear for women. Fabletics is the epitome of athleisure wear serving as comfortable exercise clothing and everyday lounge wear. Kate Hudson designed Fabletic clothing with two goals in mind: affordability and healthy living inspiration for a diverse group of women. Fabletics has even been considered to “ take on Amazon” in terms of independent financial success. Some factors attributed for the success of Fabletics are: reverse showrooming which includes the encouragement of customers to become members online, exclusivity of product due to personalized offers, and data science.

The prices of Fabletics wear are much lower than that of companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Athleta while being more personalized. For $49 an individuals can obtain an entire work out outfit. A $49 purchase includes a top, sports bra, and bottoms based upon personalized preferences. Before the creation of Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics women were left to choose between price or personalization. Few companies existed before Fabletics that allowed women personalization at an affordable price.

It is predicted that athleisure apparel will represent $83 billion in United States sales by 2020. Thus, it is important have the best variety and options for athleisure apparel possible, and Fabletics appears to be one of the best athleisure wear options for women encompassing both affordability and personalization. Through the promotion of her product Kate Hudson also promotes a healthy lifestyle for a diverse group of women in the United States with ranging size, age, and background. The Fabletics site even includes a fun Life Style Quiz to help women discover which personalized outfit best fits their lifestyle. The quiz includes information about exercise preference, work out location, and body type to best assess what Fabletic wear best suits each individual. If you are considered purchasing Fabletic wear I encourage you to see which personalized attire best fits your lifestyle by taking the Life Style Quiz ( https://www.fabletics.com/get-started).

Kate Hudson continues her successful career through the development of Fabletics a promising brand of athleisure clothing.







Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Fabletics Transcending The E-Commerce Market

Sometimes you find a creative solution to a problem others have had. Fabletics started out to create a solution to the problem women had of finding premium quality athletic wear at a moderate price. Solution: In July 2013, actress Kate Hudson joined forces with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to create a fashion line that was coined, “athleisure.” Now that company, Fabletics is posed to do something very few other e-commerce businesses can boast of, take on Amazon. That little “athleisure” company, which started out as an online business only is now ready to open multiple “bricks and mortar” retail locations.


Amazon is a recognizable name in the e-commerce, laying stake to a commanding 20% share of the fashion market. Kate Hudson and her business partners are now in position to challenge Amazon in three different classes. Fabletics has grown from an obscure little fashion label into a spot of their own as a leader in the subscription based “activewear movement.” The three classes which Fabletics is set to go toe-to-toe with Amazon are:


Subscription based membership-High value brand at an economical price-Opening physical retail stores in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida-

  • Subscription based membership- Amazon’s prime is membership only
  • High value brand at an economical price- Amazon has built their entire 23 year history around name brand merchandise at low prices
  • Opening physical retail stores in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida-Amazon opened its first one in November 2015


Fabletics had $250 million in sales in its initial three years. The successful formula for the company has been allowing customer to mix-and-match pieces to create custom athletic wear. Customers like to control the pieces that they own as exclusive activewear selections. In a published statement, Fabletics General Manager talked about the importance of being recognized as a “high value brand.” Gregg Throgmartin said, “Our membership model is what allows us to offer personalized service and on-trend fashion at half the price of our competitors. It’s just a lot easier to make people happy when you know who they are and what they want.”


As a subscription based brand, Fabletics doesn’t plan on straying too far off course from their original business model for the retail stores. Instead of trying to compete with other showroom merchants such as Nike, Under Armour and Reebok, Fabletics will stick to having customers browse merchandise offline. This will result in a return client base of people who are members; with an expected draw of 30-50 percent. Meaning that nearly half of the people who walk through the door of Fabletics retail stores will have already have a membership. Fabletics estimates that they’ll convert 25% of walk-ins into members.


What’s exciting about Fabletics opening retail stores is that it will flow in conjunction with online sales and actually enhance the shopping experience for members. So, the formula for success for Fabletics is familiarity and offering real value for the money. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), anticipates that more companies will follow Fabletics lead.