Professional Tips For Planning A Stress-Free Party

Planning a party should be exciting rather than stressful. You can plan a stress-free party by following the tips of professional event planner Camille Styles.


Start Early: It is best to start planning your party early so you have time to make the necessary changes.


Stay Organized: You can stay organized by creating a to-do list, shopping list and guest list for your event.


Choose a Theme: It is easy to plan your party when you narrow everything down to a specific theme.


Mail Out Invitations: You can still send out invitations online, but there is something about a traditional invitation that adds to the excitement.


Simple Table Settings: Keep the table settings simple by tying flatware together with ribbon or creating handwritten place cards.


Provide a Space for Kids: If you are hosting a family-friendly party, set up a table with crafts and tasty treats for your smaller guests.


Provide Simple Appetizers: Simple appetizers give your guests time to mingle. You can serve appetizers such as cherry tomatoes and basil or bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella.


Provide a Self-Serve Bar: Your guests are sure to enjoy creating their own drinks. You can also serve a specialty cocktail, but make sure you only serve one per guest per hour.


Party Favors: Your party favors can include decorative boxes with treats or small terra-cotta pots with flowers or herbs.


Relax: Give yourself an hour to freshen and relax up before the party.


There are plenty of event planners in NYC who are ready to step in if you become overwhelmed. Twenty Three Layers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC. The team is made up of Jessica Boskoff, Sarah Freedman and Lindsay Hayden, and they have years of experience in planning parties, weddings and corporate events.


The company offers a range of services to ensure your party is a success. You can hire the company to find the perfect venue, build a delicious menu and hire live entertainment. When you need personal or corporate event planners NYC, it is best to start your search with Twenty Three Layers.


You can host a stress-free party by following the professional tips and contacting an event planner if you are overwhelmed.

Getting Organized With Party Planning

Getting organized is one of the most important things when it comes to party planning. For one thing, people that take the time to plan out every aspect of the event is going to have a smoother time than those that try to take everything as they come. Even though parties and other events are about having fun and being spontaneous, the set up of the party is not such a party if very little thought has been put into it. This is why it is important to allow at least a month to pass before the event takes off.


For people that have a hard time coming up with a good plan, here are event planners in NYC that can help with the planning process. Twenty Three Layers is the event planning company in NYC that has a lot of experience with every aspect of the party planning. They can help the host come up with an organized plan that will take everything along in a smooth fashion. Twenty Three Layers can work at any pace. They can work with baby steps. However, if there is something that needs to be taken care of quickly, they can take it on at overwhelming speed.


Twenty Three Layers is willing to speak with the host in order to come up with a solution that will make the party work at the best possible level. They help the host with the decisions on how long the party is supposed to last as well as what it has to offer the attendees. After all, people don’t expect to go to a party that has nothing to offer when it comes to drinks or food. Twenty Three Layers helps with the decision as to whether or not they are going to charge for the items they offer in the event.



Planning An Event With Twenty Three Layers

In a recent article, it portrayed a collected of photos taken at a planned event- a first birthday party. Twenty three layers is a highly popular event planning company that designs and plans the event you’re in search of. On this website, you can view the outcome of this perfectly planned first birthday party for a little boy, who definitely has had a memorable birthday, thanks to Twenty Three Layers.

This beautifully designed party is hard to not fall in love with. The theme is clearly a farm theme, which is executed perfectly and creatively. With red checkered tablecloths, the beautifully designed place settings include a farm themed book for each child. In the center of the tables, are farm baskets filled with red, shiny apples. This adorable setup catches the eye! Then, you’ve got your haystack piled high with gifts for each child attending, labeled with names. One thing you’ll notice is that they have the ever popular dessert bar, with each dessert titled, and a sign saying “Teddy’s Farm” for the birthday boy. The dessert bar is beautiful, and the perfect way to get people’s attention at an event! Never straying from the farm theme, the first birthday cake is decorated adorably with various farm animals. It’s safe to say that Twenty Three Layers outdid themselves on this birthday party!

Twenty Three Layers does it all- birthday parties, weddings, work events, and so much more. Whether you have a theme or not, Twenty Three Layers works hard to meet every need and expectation you have for the event or party. With famous clients like West Elm and Jaguar, this company is no stranger to organizing huge corporate events that host thousands of visitors. They have teams of designers for each aspect of the event- decor, entertainment, catering, flowers and so much more. Located in New York City, this company is the best option if you have an upcoming event. Visit there website at

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