GreenSky Credit considers what could be largest fintech IPO this year

GreenSky Credit has become one of the most well-established companies within the fintech space. The company was founded in 2006 by career entrepreneur David Zalik. Zalik had the idea for GreenSky when he was working with a number of the largest players in the home improvement space. He found an area where the industry’s business model was failing to close billions of dollars each year in additional sales.

He developed a technological interface that instantly connected qualified borrowers with some of the top lenders in the country. This enabled the additions of billions of dollars per year to the home improvement economy and almost instantly propelled GreenSky into the upper echelons of the fintech industry.


A good candidate for an IPO

Within three years, the company was doing hundreds of millions of dollars in loans each year. Over the last decade, GreenSky has roundly proven itself as a stable and viable means of generating billions of dollars of new loans. The company has reached a state of maturity that may make it an ideal candidate for going public.

Going public has a number of large advantages. It greatly increases transparency and liquidity, ensuring that all stakeholders get a fair shake while also providing the company with the capital it needs to continue expanding. While GreenSky Credit’s current value has been estimated to be around $5 billion, many analysts are predicting that the company’s value as a public firm could skyrocket to as much as $10 billion as almost all public companies trade at a premium to their private equivalents.

This would make the company one of the biggest fintech companies in the United States and would mark an incredible ascent for a company that had been financed and started completed by one man. But whether or not the company will ultimately pull the trigger on its IPO may be largely dependent on the whims of the market. With recent downturns, including in the fintech sector, it may be impossible for the company to follow through. Regardless, the chance of GreenSky eventually going public is high.

ClassDojo Creates a New Dimension in Classroom Learning

ClassDojo is a unique app that was designed in 2011 by Lian Don and Sam Chaudhary. These two educators surmised that more could be done in the area of making classroom activities more transparent for parents. ClASSDojo helps parents who are non-English speaking tune into what is going on in their children’s classroom at school on a real-time basis.

ClassDojo is a great app for helping to develop student skills while at the same time keeping parents in the loop and the encouragement of feedback. Parents can send a note to the teacher if they have a question or comment and the teacher can respond as appropriate. Real-time projects, homework, class exercises, photos, and videos can all be made available on the ClassDojo platform.

ClassDojo is currently being used in over 90 percent of American schools and in over 180 countries in 35 different languages. The mission is simply to foster a growth of community between teachers, parents, students. All of the co-mingling of information helps to enhance the education of the student as he or she realizes that when their parents become involved the students become more focused and perform better in their lessons.

Teachers love the program because it allows them the opportunity to work individually with students as well as opening up whatever is important to the parents. Teachers have a free account and they can create “classes” where the students can take on individualized projects and assignments. For example, if a student is having trouble with math, the teacher can give the student exercises designed to fix the learning difficulty. If applicable, the “class” can be shared with the parents to further add support for the exercise.

The most obvious advantage of ClassDojo is the relationship that is formed between the teacher, the parents, and the students. A real bond of trust is created where everyone is on the same page so that everyone is working together. Students look forward to class to see what they are going to be able to share with parents. Many activities such as plays, music, art, and numerous individualized lessons are all possible shared lessons and activities.