Dr. Sam Jejurikar Is a Dallas Plastic Surgeon With Great Results

Even though he has made a name for himself in Dallas, Dr. Sam Jejurikur is originally from Minnesota. He attended a great medical school run by the University of Michigan, and this institution’s medical center is also the location at which his aesthetic surgery residency took place. Afterwards, Dr. Sam Jejurikar wanted to gain even more knowledge of his craft before jumping into the industry, and he decided to go to The New York Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital to further develop his skills.

His current practice is based in the bustling city of Dallas, Texas. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is quite fortunate that he is the group’s head. All of the surgeons in this group are very distinguished, and they each hold significant expertise in their respective fields. Dr. Sam Jejurikar has two decades of valuable experience to his name, and he is also highly certified. Because of this, Jejurkar gets to work with patients from all around the United States instead of just local ones.

Although he performs a wide variety of procedures when it comes to plastic surgery, but face-lifts, implants for the butt and breasts and Brazilian Butt Lift are his primary areas of expertise. He has performed more of those than any other kind of operation. He gets to perform these surgeries at an excellent facility, which is one of the reasons that clients are drawn to him. This facility is very impressive to behold, and it boasts a recovery hotel, a center for skin care, comfy waiting rooms and quite a lot more. Helping his diverse range of patients become more confident with their new appearances is one of his primary goals as a practicing aesthetic surgeon, and their needs are well-met by his services.

Find out more about Sam Jejurikar: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Sameer_Jejurikar.html

Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin went to the University of Delaware where he studied exercise science. He also received his pre-med undergraduate degree in science from the same university. He later joined the New York Chiropractic College from 1992 to 1995 and graduated with a degree as a chiropractic doctor. He was licensed as well as certified to practice chiropractic medicine after graduation. He came up with his chiropractic clinic which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Torchin has been able to meet many patients as well as their needs when it comes to alleviating pain using his medical skills and knowledge. Read this article at digitaljournal.com about Brian Torchin

In 2007, Brian Torchin came up with a staffing organization by the name HCRC Staffing according to Postings. The organization focuses on fulfilling legal firms, healthcare companies as well as hospitals when it comes to their employment needs. HCRC Staffing can help organizations to fill such positions as dentists, physician assistants, chiropractors, urgent caregivers, physical therapists, and nurse practitioners. In addition to this, HRCR can help medical companies and offices to fulfill such positions as front desk receptionists, billing staff, office management, and public relations.

HCRC Staffing can also help when it comes to legal companies. The company can provide paralegals, attorneys, administrators, assistants, and secretaries. According to Brian Torchin, the primary goal of the company is to be able to come up with qualified candidates to meet crucial job needs as well as duties in the healthcare and legal organizations. The company can provide these services within 72 hours.

Brian is an expert in the medical industry, and he understands that the biggest challenge that legal and healthcare organizations are facing is employee turnover. He came up with HCRC Company to help these organizations to be able to fill job positions that are crucial to the business operation within the shortest time possible.

More than 200 organizations have used the services of HCRC Staffing to get employees in both the legal and healthcare sector. HCRC Staffing serves not only the organizations within the United States, but also companies from Canada, Europe, and Australia. Moreover, the organization also provides publication with information to do with hiring, recruiting, and employment.

Visit: https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/brian-torchin-jobs-SRCH_KO0,13.htm