Darius Fisher Is Given A Prestigious Advertising Award

Darius Fisher has done a lot to raise awareness levels about the importance of reputation management. One way he has been exceptionally helpful has been by revealing major public relations disasters are not the only ways a reputation can be harmed. Fisher was interviewed in The Daily Beast on the subject of document dumping. In the article, he revealed the release of any type of personal information without approval could lead to disastrous consequences.

Fisher has made a career out of fixing various disaster scenarios. As the President of Status Labs, Fisher and his team aided 1,500 clients with overcome reputation damage. Fisher has received some very positive feedback for his work. A recent new feather in his cap of accomplishments comes in the form of a prestigious reward.

The 2016 PR World Awards handed Darius Fisher the “Business Development Individual of the Year” honors. A lot of consistent work at raising the profile of Status Labs has paid off. Many now realize that there are professionals out there capable of used tried-and-true marketing and public relations principles to restore reputations. Strategies have been tweaked for the digital age and done so with great success.

The success of Status Labs under Darius Fisher’s leadership is impossible to ignore. The growth in revenue since the company’s inception in 2012 has been utterly remarkable. In 2015, the posted reports of revenue growth indicate an increase of well over 900%. Staggering would be an understated way of describing such an achievement.

Fisher’s expertise in reputation management comes from both professional and educational experience. He is also known for maintaining a highly positive work environment for employees. This absolutely contribute to the firm’s success.

Again, the award is very well-deserved. Look for more industry recognition of Darius Fisher and Status Labs in the years to come.

Twitter: @fisherdarius

Why You Need Online Reputation Management Service


During students protests at the University of Missouri, Melissa Click, assistant professor, was caught on film trying to incite violence. The video went viral and she later found herself in trouble with the law. She was charged with a criminal offense due to her action during the occasion.


Melissa was charged with third-degree assault and was ordered to complete community service. She also was placed on suspension by the university, while the incident was being investigated.


Melissa Click admitted her mistake but denied trying to promote violence or inappropriate behavior. Her action that day almost got her fired from her position, but she embarked on a reputation repair campaign. Melissa contacted Status Labs, one of the most reliable firms in the reputation management industry.


Online reputation management is essential for protecting your reputation and your professional profile. Internet surfers have the ability to post derogatory comments or information about a person or company and can ruin your name or your professional profile. Negative information posted online can have a damaging effect on your career or your business.


It is almost impossible to stop the damaging posts and negative comments without utilizing the services of a reliable reputation management expert. If you want to suppress negative content online or stop people from posting negative content about you or your business, you need to get in touch with Status Labs as soon as possible.


The professionals at Status Labs can manage your online reputation and promote positive content about you or your business. As a proficient reputation management firm, Status Labs has the resources and efficient system to repair and restore your reputation. Status Labs can also prevent attacks.
The team at Status Labs has their own techniques and proprietary systems that enable their professionals to render effective and efficient reputation management solutions to clients. For instance, they can use digital publishing to create favorable information that show up in the top pages of search engine results. Status Labs also has great expertise in suppressing negative content so that it cannot be found by Internet users when they search your name or company.