Looks, Options, And Dating: What Bumble from Whitney Wolfe Brings to the Table

Bumble has been making a lot of headlines. One of the things said about this product is that it has a different approach to dating app. For one thing, women have to do the initiating because of how it is set up. Men are not able to send the first message. The system will do the matching for both men and women with the women being given a time limit to approach before the match disappears. This does seem to have some of the features that men want in a dating app. The only thing is that there are still some other factors to consider in order to have dating app success with the app from Whitney Wolfe.

The things that mattered before Whitney Wolfe created app still matter even with Bumble in full effect. People have to make sure that they are presenting themselves in the best way possible. They have to put their best foot forward. The men themselves have to put a lot of effort into their profile so that they will stand out from all of the other men. Even with Bumble, women have to be very careful with who they choose so that they can make sure that they have the best possible relationships.

One thing that men have to do even with the settings Whitney Wolfe places on Bumble is make sure that they are looking their best. Men do not have to be models or celebrities, but they do have to show that they are taking pride in themselves. One thing that Whitney Wolfe herself knows is that women have a lot of options. Therefore, they have to make sure that they have someone that they know is going to be good for them. Therefore, men have to be as unique as possible when it comes to dating.

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Whitney Wolfe and her Strategic Vision Helps Bumble to Grow

Whitney Wolfe is essentially a household name these days. That’s because she’s a champion for women everywhere. She’s someone who women admire, consider a friend, and think of as someone who is looking out for them. Wolfe gets what it’s like to be a woman trying to date in today’s society. THat’s how she came up with the concept of Bumble.

Bumble is an app where women call the shots. They are the ones who sign up, make a profile, upload some photos, and take charge. They get to decide whether or not they want to start a relationship with a man. This helps cut down on harassment and unsolicited messages. A man cannot message a woman unless she makes the first move. Wolfe knew that there was a demand for this type of app and she made it happen. Wolfe also knew just how hard it is for women to make friends, not just relationships. That’s how Bumble BFF was born. Bumble BFF allows users to connect and form relationships. It’s a great addition to the Bumble brand because there’s such a need for it. Many people relocate for jobs, school and they have a hard time making friends.

Bumble is even helping to form business connections. Bumble Bizz is an app where people can create a profile, attach their work, and talk about what they’re looking for business-wise. It helps users to form new connections, find reliable job prospect, and just talk to people who may be in a similar field to them.

None of these would be possible without Wolfe who continues to help the business grow. Her personal life is also growing. Wolfe recently tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Italy. Wolfe wed Michael Herd in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown. The two had a picture perfect wedding destination wedding. Their smiling photographs captured at the wedding just goes to show that anyone can find true love.

Wolfe has no plans to change her business or abandon ship. She will continue to help Bumble grow. Bumble is already one of the fastest growing mobile apps in the world. It’s all thanks to her strategic vision. That’s why new spin-offs of Bumble keep coming out. There’s a demand for them and Wolfe is making sure that those demands are met. All of this has to do with the fact that Wolfe wanted there to be a female-first platform. Now, there is one.

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Dating App, Bumble, Builds A Beehive – No, Really

Despite the massive popularity of dating app no companies have really tried in any meaningful way to connect their services to real world, brick and mortar locations. The company behind the stunningly successful female driven dating app, Bumble, is changing all of that by creating a meeting ground for users of their phone app which is tentatively being called, The Hive. If you think the name sounds a little on the nose you should wait until you see the inside of the facility, not only is it decked out with all manner of cafe-style chairs, tables, foot-stands, couches and lounge amenities and a big yellow sign which reads: Be Yourself, Honey! It is also covered with enormous and resplendent honeycombs to aesthetically represent the brand and keep Bumble firmly implanted in the forefront of the community members’ collective minds. But The Hive will be more than just a simple dating meet up station, it will so serve several other important functions for its users.

The creator and the current leader of Bumble, Ms. Whitney Wolfe publically stated that The Hive will be far more than merely just a gathering place for prospective dates, it will also be a general hub for all Bumble users. Ms. Wolfe, who was also one of the tech savvy brains behind the wildly successful Tinder app, further explained that The Hive was a attempt to capitalize on the very real and dedicated community that Bumble, as a brand, had created since its inception onto the popular dating app scene but that the brand, and by extension its user base, was moving well beyond the confines of dating.

This is evidenced by Bumble’s two latest brand extensions, respectively, Bumble BIZZ and Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF is intended to playout much the same as the original Bumble app except instead of the end goal being a good date and the relationship that follows with it, it will be focused exclusively on pairing people up who are looking for a long and lasting friendship. Bumble BIZZ, in contrast, is going to be aimed primarily at independent start up business owners and will show them how to build and keep a dedicated base of users and thus bolster their sales and brand recognition.