Aloha Construction, 2017 BBB Torch Award Recipients

The Better Business Bureau awards select companies with its Torch Award once every year. Companies that receive this award must contribute to and benefit their local community while maintaining ethical practices within their business that exceeds expectation throughout the year. It is an honor for any company to receive a BBB Torch Award, as only a select few qualify. The Torch Award gives honor and credit to companies that take time to do the right thing and contribute to the world around them. The nominated companies are chosen by an independent panel of fifteen judges after going through a rigorous screening process. In 2017, Aloha Construction, in Lake Zurich, was a proud recipient of the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for their contributions to their local community as well as their exceptional ethical practices.

One way that Aloha Construction impacted their community was through their partnership with Learning Express. By working with Learning Express, Aloha was able to assist local families in need through a toy shopping spree event. The David Farbaky Foundation, named after the founder and CEO of Aloha Construction, reached out to Omni Youth Services to find a family in need. A single mother and her four daughters were selected and the event gave the girls an opportunity to grab as many toys as they wanted within 60 seconds. Through this event, the family was able to collect $7,000 worth of toys to take home and keep. Aloha also contributed to sending a young boy with Congenital Heart Disease to a Bulls game with twelve of his friends, contributing to the Boys and Girls Club in Bloomington, and their employee incentive programs.
Aloha Construction won the 2017 Torch Award For Marketplace Ethics for their charitable work in their community and their forward-thinking, ethical company culture and practice.

Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless Review

A dream became reality; Jeunesse was born. Once success was achieved in their other endeavors, CEOs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis set out to make their dreams a reality by creating a state-of-the-art entity that would grow to be known as one of the best youth enhancement brands in the world. On September 9, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Jeunesse was launched as a mission for Randy and Wendy to eagerly give the world what they had been so diligently working on. Jeunesse was not only to be known as a remarkable brand of products, but as a direct selling opportunity, offering one of the best compensation packages in the industry. This company utilizes the most up-to-date technology to provide elite training and support, while selling the most advanced youth enhancing products known to consumers.

Instantly Ageless

One of the best products offered by Jeunesse is the Instantly Ageless micro-cream. This groundbreaking cream is ahead of its time in that it works in just 2 minutes! Once applied, Instantly Ageless drastically decreases the presence of signs of ageing, including wrinkles, under-eye bags, pores, and fine lines. Even better is that it lasts 6-9 hours! This cream works to focus on areas that have, over time, lost resistance, to show skin that is toned and supple.

Instantly Ageless can be used multiple ways and comes in a package with multiple vials so you’re always ready to look your best. The following is a list of sample places where the cream can be applied for quick fixes:

  • Forehead: Apply the cream in dabs across the forehead to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Eyebrows: Gently massaging the cream above your eyebrow gives the skin a lifted, toned look.
  • Hooded Eyes: Carefully apply the cream under your eyebrow line, but not on the eyelid itself, to give that area a look that is plump and refreshed.
  • Under-eye Bags and Crow’s Feet: Lightly rub cream under the eye, covering the whole area, including under lower lashes and upper cheek, and inner and outer corners.
  • Facial Pores: Gently apply to other areas on the face that need quick enhancement.

Ronald Fowlkes on the Importance of Mentorship

Immediately after high school, Ronald Fowlkes joined the Marines. After he completed his military service, he became a police officer. It was during his time in service, that Fowlkes realized that service meant more than putting on a uniform every day. Fowlkes believes that it is through serving others that our country will become a better place; he takes great pride in the ability to be a mentor the up-and-coming generation.


Ronald Fowlkes, has held highly stressful jobs in his life that resulted in him feeling depleted, like he had nothing left to give. But, he understood the importance of service and mentorship. One way that Fowlkes serves as a mentor to others is by being an off-ice trainer for his son’s team, the St. Louis Blues Triple-A team. One thing Fowlkes is familiar with is physical fitness, therefore, he helps the team members with weight training to ensure they are at the top of their game. He enjoys the ability to pass his knowledge about the importance of physical fitness on to the younger generation.


While Ronald Fowlkes has a firm belief that not mentorship is a win-win situation; not only do the people being mentored learn a great deal, but so does the actual mentor. Being a quality mentor is more than just teaching the kids something new. Perhaps more importantly, it is about being there for the kids, being a person of trust, and someone they feel safe opening up and talking to.


Beyond being a mentor to his son’s team, Fowlkes is also a mentor to the law enforcement community. Having been in their shoes, he knows the importance of having a solid mentor, especially when you hold a stressful job. With Fowlkes experience as a law enforcement officer, he knows exactly what current officers need to feel supported and appreciated; and, to the best of his abilities, Fowlkes makes sure current officers receive this support. Additionally, throughout his career, he has learned what methods of mentorship, support, and appreciation are most effective, allowing him to be a quality mentor.


Ronald Fowlkes brings a positive action to the way he accomplishes things, this is one reason why he has the continued ability to help others. Throughout his life Fowlkes has been a decisive person, knowing exactly what he wants out of life. He takes pride in his continued positivity which, again, aids in his ability to help and mentor others. Even though Ronald Fowlkes is a business owner, he dedicates much of his time being a positive influence in other people’s lives.


Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi Have Issued A Negative Report Regarding The Kodak Company

A negative report has been issued by Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi. This report concerns the Eastman Kodak Company. Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer for Kerrisdale and believes both KODAKCoin and KODAKOne are critically flawed. He does not believe these companies are capable of providing the Kodak shareholders with any material benefits. He feels the only reason the shares have risen is unjustified hype.

The lead developer for KODAKOne is WENN Digital Inc. The strategic advisors are AppCoin Innovations Incorporated and KODAKCoin ICO. These companies both have extremely dubious backgrounds. Sahm Adrangi has spoken of the Kodak members of the board of directors. The day prior tp KODAKOne being officially launched these board members took it upon themselves to grant restricted stock among the members of the board. This act is considered suspicious and has drawn the possible risks and repercussions of an investigation by the SEC.

The announcement made by Kodak regarding their partnership is not believed sufficient to save the business from the steadily decreasing revenues, mounting risk of default and negativity of the free cash flow. These are many of the reasons the private investment manager of Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi have had a negative report published. The company additionally explained their short position in regards to Eastman Kodak Company. This is a commercial imaging and printing business. Since the partnership was announced to launch an image licensed platform that is enabled by the blockchain and photo centric currency their stock has increased by 187 percent.

Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi believe these announcements were nothing but an empty attempt to pursue the ICO craze. They additionally believe this will not offset the unsustainable capital structure and poor fundamentals of Kodak. Kerrisdale will be hosting a conference call to discuss the report they have published regarding the Kodak company.

Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC is classified as a fundamentally oriented manager for investments. The manager of the company is Sahm Adrangi. He has placed his focus on investments deemed to be valuable for the long term. He additionally concentrates on special situations driven by events.


Anthony was born and raised in a humble town dominated by the Italian community in a region called Newark in New Jersey State. Newark is known for having hard-working people with respect and collaborative spirit despite having low wages. Value of self and honesty inculcated to anyone growing up in the region explains the superior virtues seen in Anthony Petrello. As a young boy, he knew that success never came easy other than through hard work and staying focused on the ultimate price. He was interested in Calculus and regularly read other academic journals to keep abreast with current trends. His brilliance made him gain recognition from the Yale University earning him a full scholarship after excelling in a Ph.D. level algebra and calculus challenge. Anthony never relented and was approached by mathematical scholar who he would assist with myriads of theorems that were challenging to the other students.

Surprisingly he dropped his passion for pursuing a different career path joining the Harvard School of Law with interest in business law, and after 20 years of his education period, Anthony felt he had enough and decided to settle down with his college girlfriend. His zeal and determination to forge ahead saw him pursuing various careers to make ends meet and also rose ranks to become the CEO at Nabors. Mr. Petrello and his wife have always set aside funds to contribute to charity as a dollop of gratitude to the community that has supported him over the years; proceeds go to the Neurological Research Institute to assist children with the neurological disorder.

His transformative leadership and collaborative role where values the rights of workers. An increment in the business revenue, 80% is income, and in case of low turnover, Mr. Petrello as the CEO also reduces his income. He expresses his displeasure to those leaders taking advantage of hard-working employees to gain a substantial income.

While leading a rather private life with seldom public appearance, Anthony Petrello also known for his humility was at one point known as highly paid Chief Executive Officer in the US. He earned $68.2 million through his role with Nabors Company in 2014. The industry is one of the leading when it comes to natural gas and oil drilling. He came in handy with his strategic brilliance and management competencies in business operations and his contribution to the United States workforce. He has created many jobs, improving the state of livelihood to many people in the country.

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Preventive Health Screenings Can Save Your Life

Health conditions aren’t caught early enough because people don’t experience symptoms until the health condition progresses. By the time symptoms show, the health of an individual is not that great and the health condition can be harder to treat once that condition has progressed. Life Line Screening is a non-profit company that offers health screenings at an affordable price.Preventive health screenings are great at detecting risk factors for health conditions and health conditions that haven’t caused any symptoms thus far. They work with your physicians because most physicians don’t order preventive tests unless symptoms have already begun. Once the results are in, your physician can review the results and order the necessary tests that your insurance will cover to investigate further.

Life Line Screenings can conduct three different test. Each test is reliable, accurate, and results are given within minutes of the test being performed. An EKG is good at detecting irregular heart beats. People typically don’t know that their heart rate is irregular so this test is good in detecting that. An ultrasound is another technique used to look at organs, tissues, and vessels within the body. This gives the physician a clear image so that they can detect abnormalities inside the body.

Last is the finger-stick blood test. This is great at looking at a complete lipid panel, glucose, and C-reactive proteins. All three of these techniques are a great preventive tool so individuals can stay on top of their health.Insurance companies may even reimburse you for the health screening. It just all depends on what type of coverage you have. In order to reimburse, you must submit a receipt and the test results. Once coverage has been reviewed, then you will find out whether you can be reimbursed for the cost of the preventive health screening.


Fabletics and reverse showroom techniques brings Kate Hudson success

To guarantee success, brands such as Fabletics brings price and quality to the forefront for shoppers online and in the retail stores. It hits both types of shoppers. Where they’ll have success online because of added coupon codes and promotional deals while at the same time forming a relative shopper-to-brand relationship before they even “enter” the department stores where Fabletics is sold at. It’s obviously worked with Kate Hudson’s brand since it’s opening more than 100 stores nationwide. In addition to Fabletics’ success, it’s grown into a $250 million active-wear business in less than 3 years. (There’s already 16 open in California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii.) (Forbes: 2016)

Fabletics, more than a pretty face, it’s the brand

With an inspiring brand such as Fabletics, memberships rise to the top because of the convenient online shopping experience. They’ve also received the pre-advertising experience by seeing Hudson’s face tied-into the active-wear because of banners and branding ads that have been colorfully displayed all across major search engines.

In other words, most online shoppers have gotten exposed with the brand, Fabletics. Couple that with a bright happy face known in the entertainment business can bring in more product value than a paid-model wearing the product on an advertisement commercial or public spread from a paid ad agency. A quality-driven product will have customers wanting this even more so.

Fabletics; success using the reverse showroom technique

Success with brand recognition is almost always going to win-over customers. Whether their online or in the stores, they’ve relatively received enough high exposure through the online brand store. This is what Fabletics has done for it’s customers. Some of the elements with reverse showroom techniques begin with the following success with eCommerce marketing. For half the cost, Fabletics builds on high value branding. The membership module offers personalized and trending active-wear that’s both fashionable and treatable to it’s customers.

Encouraging reverse showrooming”

So much for “window shopping” because it’s “reverse showrooming” that’s making this particular women’s sportswear and accessories (aka “athleisure”) build it’s customer base. In other words, Hudson didn’t start off with the typical “pop-up store route.”

She built her multi-million empire by building relationships first. Through marketing by way of events and activities such as coming out on talk shows such as Ellen DeGeneres, Hudson found a way to advertise before hitting the online and retail stores. In addition, she “doubled down” when she borrowed strategies from Apple and Warby Parker whom coined “the starting online then store later” strategy. The term reverse showrooming stems from their strategy.

Giving people an advantage without being forced to buy while in the stores is part of the strategy of reverse showrooming. This adds up to 30-50% of shoppers becoming members before even stepping into the stores. The main element is becoming members by relating to the product or brand before shopping at retailers. The online experience seems to be a great way to market brands firsthand. Thus, 25% of the customer base become members in the stores with reverse showrooming.

Finally, the old fashion window-shopping is literally “out the window.” So, buying elsewhere at cheaper prices is also out. Shopping carts, whether the product is physically, or virtually, in the carts gives customers of Fabletics the chance to relate to the product or brand first. Consequently, bringing a great shopping experience for those who become attracted to the reverse showrooming experience.

A Truly Extraordinary Person: Malini Saba

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go from having nothing to becoming one of the most successful business people in the world? Malini Saba is a living example of that very story line. She went from having almost nothing to being the Chairwoman of Saban, a large, multinational investment firm. She also used her profits from business to fund charities and organizations that give back to her global community. When to comes to “rags-to-riches” stories, Malini Saba’s beats them all.


Malini came to the United States from Sri Lanka when she was 19 years old. With only $200 to her name, she had to attend free classes where her husband was currently attending school. While sitting in on a business class, she became extremely interested in investing. She pursued this career and tried to join several different venture capital firms, being turned down by all of them for not being the right candidate or not having the capital requirements to be an associate. She did not let this get her down, however. She created her own company, Saban.


Saban is now a large, multinational investment firm that has investments in various industries and commodities all over the world. Malini has always been interested in breaking the rules of investing and going after the more risky propositions. She was ridiculed in her early investing days for being reckless and childish with her money. She soon showed her naysayers that she meant business, and grew Saban to the point of having so much excess capital that she used it to fuel her philanthropic endeavors. That is when she turned her life to charity while remaining the Chairwoman of Saban.


In 2001, Malini created Stree, a global nonprofit organization that aims to change how women see their roles in society. Malini is no stranger to a glass ceiling. Growing up in Asia, she saw firsthand how women are kept down, and how they do not fight to make something of themselves in the business world. Stree aims to give women empowerment and provide a way for grassroots movements to take hold. The organization also gives women all over Asia, the Middle East, and Africa the means to start their own business ventures and create their own success stories.


Malini’s giving does not end there. Besides Stree giving all kinds of money to other organizations and causes, Malini herself has given millions of her own money to further the human cause. She truly is an extraordinary woman and an impressive businessperson.

A Firm That Never Disappoints

Being in the correctional industry for decades, Securus Technologies specializes in delivering cutting edge technological solutions that aim at protecting civil and criminal justice. Not long ago, Securus Technologies implemented an innovative application on ConnectUs to assist customers account for their money and time spent on following up on their inmate statuses. According to Roberts Russell, Securus Technologies is committed and happy to provide new forms of technology and features to customers to ensure that their needs are fully satisfied. The new application launched on ConnectUs is a major example of the innovative, latest and effective technologies that Securus Technologies offers. Watch this video on Youtube.

Good News about the Application

In most correctional facilities, officers and staffs commonly use paper forms to cover different requests raised by inmates. These requests include handbook acceptance forms, medial forms and sign up forms among others. Most of the valuable time of correctional officers is usually spend and lost distributing, routing, logging, copying, filing and storing forms. However, Securus Technologies has brought in an application that is hassle free to allow customers focus on other important issues rather than waste time concentrating on paper work.

Inmate Forms and Grievance automated application allows the creation of different custom forms and makes them accessible for inmates. Additionally, one is in good position to make changes on his or her status and this process takes a short time since no printing is involved. Inmates are also able to view the statuses of their grievances and forms and decide on whether to accept or appeal them.

About Securus Technologies

This firm has its main offices situated in Dallas and serves over 3450 correction agencies, law enforcement and more than 1200000 prisoners all over North America. Through the ConnectUs platform, Securus provides its customers robust services and features that display inmate’s history such as their location as well as dynamic application display by time among others.

US Money Reserve Earns Two Prestigious Videographer Awards

Audiences and clients today wish to be entertained as much as possible. Being able to entertain and amuse people is one sure way to help capture their attention and keep it. This is an action that those at US Money Reserve understand quite well.

They know the importance of being able to demonstrate how much they care about audiences and how they can provide them with a new point of view. It is not surprising that such skills have been recognized in the wider business world. Those who provide awards fully understand the kind of skills required to demonstrate such qualities and want to help reward such companies.

Highly Prestigious Judges

According to PR NewsWire,and, at US Money Reserve, officials here were handed two awards. Such awards were provided by judges who are members of a trade organization devoted to excellence. The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals are a group of people who are looking for companies as well as individuals that have talent that can help demonstrate what is possible in this industry for all others to follow.

It was with that goal in mind that they set up the 2016 Videographer Awards. The contest is very popular. This year alone, there were over a thousand entries received from companies scattered across the globe.

Two Awards Of Excellence

Given such stiff competition, those at US Reserve were delighted to find out they had been the recipient of not one but two awards for their work in the industry.

The first was an award in the category of TV/Commercials/Product, an award designed to honor those who are able to take ideas and translate them into something that can help push forward the boundaries of the art of the video by showing that it is possible to create videos that are innovative and thoughtful.

The Second Award

The second award given to the company was for Creativity (TV)/Cinematography, a category that is all about using existing video techniques in interesting ways that may have not have been seen before. Officials at US Money Reserve want to offer their customers the chance to see the world in different ways.

They are honored that their efforts to do so have been recognized by a highly prestigious organization that shares their devotion to the field. As they look to the future, they hope to continue producing such quality videos and earning more awards.