Talk Fusion Receives Prestigious Award For Innovative Video Chat Product

Talk Fusion has received another award recently for their famous Video Chat product. The company was handed the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global leader is the online marketing sector.

The prestigious award is given out each year to technology companies who create a browser application that enables video or voice calling, or P2P file sharing, all without requiring any additional plugins to run. Video Chat was selected after the judges were impressed by the ingenious features of the product.

Video Chat allows easy face-to-face communication with other users of the application, no matter what device they’re using. It can run on desktops, as well as smartphones and tablets for maximum versatility. This lets users stay in touch with friends, family, customers and business partners from all over the globe. Video Chat is now being used by individuals and businesses in many countries and its popularity is expected to grow as a growing number of users adopt it.

In a statement about the award, Talk Fusion’s Founder & CEO Bob Reina called it a “huge win” and congratulated his IT team, saying that they deserve the award very well for their hard work in changing global communication.

Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion specializes in developing groundbreaking video marketing solutions. Their products allow individuals to stay in touch with those they care about and give businesses an affordable way to include video marketing as part of their overall online marketing strategies. In addition to Video Chat, they have a full range of products which allow users to include videos in their marketing emails and newsletters. They also created a product that enables live meetings with up to 500 attendees.

Talk Fusion relies on a network of independent associates spread out across 140 countries. They provide these associates with a unique business opportunity that lets them earn instant commissions for promoting their line of premium video marketing products.


Reasons to Use the Skout App

One of the leading social networking apps is Skout which was created in 2007 and has since then become one of the leading global networking platforms in the world. Skout is currently used by millions all around the world and is responsible for bringing together people who come from different regions and who come from different background. Skout can be used for any reason whether is be for a romantic purpose, to expand the social circle, or to even just meet new people from around the world. With the cool new feature to shake the app, people are randomly connected and have the option to chat, look at each profile, or to even look up information and similar likes and dislikes that are all about of the information section.

What makes Skout a unique app is the fact that it caters to people who are just looking to meet new people. Skout is an expert app for breaking the ice among users and has created fun surveys to participate in that match people based upon their likes and dislikes on different subjects. In recent news, Skout even held a national potato chip day that celebrated the different kinds of potato chips. Skout celebrated this day by conducting a survey that brought together thousands of people based upon their love of chip flavors.

One of the best uses of Skout is among college towns. As students gear up for the start of a brand new year, Skout gives an opportunity for people to meet others who are located on the same campus. To go even further, Skout even conducted a recent survey that consisted of over 2,500 people between the ages of 18 and 24 who all answered questions. The purpose of this survey was for Skout to determine what college town was the friendliest college town in the United States. With the results calculated, this information has been made public to help rising seniors in high school find the perfect college that will bring that new student the best experience possible. Skout understands that taking this big step can be tough and wants to help with the overall process.

With hundreds of millions of users, Skout is responsible for connecting individuals who come from over 180 different country. By definition, Skout is globalization. With so many people connected, Skout has provided this app in over 14 different languages with even more being added. Within the last nine years of being in business, this app has become an app that is quickly gaining momentum. For any further questions, more information on Skout is readily available on either Facebook or Twitter. For questions that need to be answered, the website is the best place to visit.

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