Barbara Stokes: Turning Around Lives through Passion and Professionalism

Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer for Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. She is very specific in humanitarian relief on Disaster relief Construction. She and her husband are the founders of a company based in Huntsville. Together with a team, Barbara Stokes work tirelessly with Federal Emergency Management Agency as well as the private sector in offering permanent and safe commercial and housing solution. They use engineering, state-of-art-design, proprietary, and manufacturing techniques ranging from on-site construction and modular ones. The company has been able to install and plan utilities, build residential developments and school campuses as well as military projects. Barbara Stokes says that they work as one with the team each day to ensure that any ideas brought on the table are completed smoothly. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University class of 2001 in biomedical engineering and physics. She also studied other subjects like manufacturing and management, thermos-dynamics, properties of materials, and structures at GHS. She had worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing before she brought her expertise in GSH in government contracts and support for the mission of FEMA. Besides her career work, Barbara prides in being a mother of three children. She is also a volunteer in Huntsville community. She is currently busy with the major projects in the community. GSH was accorded $28 million by the federal government to complete modular buildings after the Hurricane Harvey’s Texas calamity in 2017. The contract is to be completed by March 2018.


Through the interview on ideamensch, she answers the question on the origin of the medical valuations. Barbara says that this is an idea that combines her interest in business into being more technical in the field. She continues to explain that medical profession requires technical understanding and knowledge and that is what she has been able to apply at GSH at Alabama. Barbara Stokes was straightforward on what she needed in making a difference in the lives of the people as a medical professional. When it comes to bringing most of her ideas into reality, Barbara Stokes admits that GSH has a very talented team in engineering and designing. Her work is to ensure that all the ideas do not spill off but are actualized. Read more about Barbara Stokes at