ZEN BODI from Jeunesse Products for Weight Management Process

Weight management and the level of the body fitness are some of the primary factors that play a crucial role in our overall body health and the prospect of aging prematurely. Therefore, individuals should work hard or observe precautionary measures that will help them control their weight hence solving the problem of early aging. However, people live in complex societies where it sometimes becomes difficult for you to mind about your weight and your overall body health.


ZEN BODI is a nutritional supplement that is manufactured and sold by Jeunesse that will help you in solving weight problems while at the same time ensuring that you are fit enough to undertake various physical activities. The supplement enhances muscle formation, burns excess fat, and lowers the body appetite, hence preventing overeating as one of the major causes of excessive weight in our bodies. Various ZEN BODI product lines play specific roles in weight management process.

  • Zen Prime
  • Zen Shape
  • Zen Chocolate
  • Zen Fit Watermelon etc.


From the list highlighted, it is clear that these products have used some of the commonly known substances that reduce weight in our bodies. Chocolate and Watermelon are well-known antioxidants that oxides fats in water are hence helping in burning excess weight in the body. Zen shape focuses on gaining the shape that one would require after losing excess weight. On the other hand, Zen Fit promotes general body fitness and muscle build such that one can be able to perform physical activities without challenges. A body that has its weight managed professionally avoid early aging.


About Jeunesse

This is a global company that was formed and incorporated in 1999 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray after retirement. The two individuals wanted to solve the aspect of early aging and nutritional deficiencies in our bodies. It is important to record that premature aging is a significant challenge that is facing both developed and developing countries in the world. To restore the body and avoid premature aging, using skincare products and nutritional supplements was not inevitable. This explains why Jeunesse uses dietary supplements and skin care products to fight the aspect of early aging.


Market America using different ways to make a difference in marketing

The services that Market America will offer are the internet marketing and the brokerage products as a firm that will focus on the one-to-one marketing and shopping socially. The mission that the company has is that at the end of the day they will offer a system for business owners that they can use to create income that is ongoing while providing the buyers worldwide with a way that they can use to shop that’s better. By the use of the technology that is revolutionizing daily and the power that the people have, the hope that Market America has is that they will create an economy that will help in the future.

Through the use of SHOP.COM, they have been able to create an online retailer that is used by the consumer in large amounts worldwide, where they offer the products and services of over 35 million. The thing that Market America makes good use of is the SHOP.COM, power, and scope of the internet, marketing by use of one to one and shopping so that to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers. Market America is based in Greensboro, NC, where they have employed 800 people that are all over the world in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. From the time the inception was carried they have generated the $7.3 million in the form of the accumulated retail sales and the $2.4 million that is the UnFranchise Owners.

Making good use of the one-to-one marketing and shopping socially has been of help to Market America because with that they get to the people for quickly. The result that Market America has received over the years is that the way people shop has changed. With the use of the Market American, anyone will be able to become financially independent by making their economy through the use of the products and people. By the use of the Market American hashtag has been helpful in getting the word out and getting the needed traffic of people. The reason for coming up with the hashtag is to help the customers get the clients that they needed to shop from them.

Aloha Construction, 2017 BBB Torch Award Recipients

The Better Business Bureau awards select companies with its Torch Award once every year. Companies that receive this award must contribute to and benefit their local community while maintaining ethical practices within their business that exceeds expectation throughout the year. It is an honor for any company to receive a BBB Torch Award, as only a select few qualify. The Torch Award gives honor and credit to companies that take time to do the right thing and contribute to the world around them. The nominated companies are chosen by an independent panel of fifteen judges after going through a rigorous screening process. In 2017, Aloha Construction, in Lake Zurich, was a proud recipient of the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for their contributions to their local community as well as their exceptional ethical practices.

One way that Aloha Construction impacted their community was through their partnership with Learning Express. By working with Learning Express, Aloha was able to assist local families in need through a toy shopping spree event. The David Farbaky Foundation, named after the founder and CEO of Aloha Construction, reached out to Omni Youth Services to find a family in need. A single mother and her four daughters were selected and the event gave the girls an opportunity to grab as many toys as they wanted within 60 seconds. Through this event, the family was able to collect $7,000 worth of toys to take home and keep. Aloha also contributed to sending a young boy with Congenital Heart Disease to a Bulls game with twelve of his friends, contributing to the Boys and Girls Club in Bloomington, and their employee incentive programs.
Aloha Construction won the 2017 Torch Award For Marketplace Ethics for their charitable work in their community and their forward-thinking, ethical company culture and practice.

Why Paul Mampilly Transitioned From Helping Ultra Wealthy Invest To Helping Main Street Americans

Paul Mampilly has put his college education to work in the financial industry, especially in regards to the master of business administration degree he earned at Fordham University. His first position in this industry was at Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager. With time garnering experience and knowledge he started to advance his career. He worked for multinational firms such as ING and Deutsche Bank. He developed a great reputation as an investor and he was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management where he managed some of their hedge funds, increasing the value of this firm’s assets to $25 billion. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

He ended up leaving Wall Street for a few reasons. First, Paul Mampilly got tired of the extremely hectic pace of working there. Second, he grew weary of making ultra rich people even wealthier through managing their investments. He decided to retire at an early age so that he could spend more time with his family. He also wanted to help Main Street investors manage their investments better by offering up his knowledge. He now writes a financial newsletter where he dispenses his advice on what companies to invest in based on the research he performs. He also offers his insights on financial news channels such as Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC.

Profits Unlimited was his first newsletter, published through Banyan Hill Publishing. Well over 90,000 people have become subscribers of this 8-page monthly newsletter. Additionally, Paul Mampilly provides to two top-tier trading services for Main Street investors which are True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. On top of this he writes a column each week for another newsletter, Winning Investor Daily.

Check: https://medium.com/@paulmampillyguru

Paul Mampilly came from a long ways away in order to join Wall Street. He was born in a rural part of India and his family moved to Dubai, UAE, in 1966. His parents had chosen the right time to move because oil had just been discovered in that nation and the economy was taking off along with his family’s fortunes. His parents were able to send both him and his sister to college, making them the first ones in their families to do so. He moved to Montclair, New Jersey, in order to attend Montclair State University. He is a member of this university’s 1991 graduating class, earning a degree in business administration. He now lives outside of Durham North Carolina in a converted farmhouse. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Looks, Options, And Dating: What Bumble from Whitney Wolfe Brings to the Table

Bumble has been making a lot of headlines. One of the things said about this product is that it has a different approach to dating app. For one thing, women have to do the initiating because of how it is set up. Men are not able to send the first message. The system will do the matching for both men and women with the women being given a time limit to approach before the match disappears. This does seem to have some of the features that men want in a dating app. The only thing is that there are still some other factors to consider in order to have dating app success with the app from Whitney Wolfe.

The things that mattered before Whitney Wolfe created app still matter even with Bumble in full effect. People have to make sure that they are presenting themselves in the best way possible. They have to put their best foot forward. The men themselves have to put a lot of effort into their profile so that they will stand out from all of the other men. Even with Bumble, women have to be very careful with who they choose so that they can make sure that they have the best possible relationships.

One thing that men have to do even with the settings Whitney Wolfe places on Bumble is make sure that they are looking their best. Men do not have to be models or celebrities, but they do have to show that they are taking pride in themselves. One thing that Whitney Wolfe herself knows is that women have a lot of options. Therefore, they have to make sure that they have someone that they know is going to be good for them. Therefore, men have to be as unique as possible when it comes to dating.

To know more visit @: tim.blog/2018/05/25/whitney-wolfe-herd/

ClassDojo Creates a New Dimension in Classroom Learning

ClassDojo is a unique app that was designed in 2011 by Lian Don and Sam Chaudhary. These two educators surmised that more could be done in the area of making classroom activities more transparent for parents. ClASSDojo helps parents who are non-English speaking tune into what is going on in their children’s classroom at school on a real-time basis.

ClassDojo is a great app for helping to develop student skills while at the same time keeping parents in the loop and the encouragement of feedback. Parents can send a note to the teacher if they have a question or comment and the teacher can respond as appropriate. Real-time projects, homework, class exercises, photos, and videos can all be made available on the ClassDojo platform.

ClassDojo is currently being used in over 90 percent of American schools and in over 180 countries in 35 different languages. The mission is simply to foster a growth of community between teachers, parents, students. All of the co-mingling of information helps to enhance the education of the student as he or she realizes that when their parents become involved the students become more focused and perform better in their lessons.

Teachers love the program because it allows them the opportunity to work individually with students as well as opening up whatever is important to the parents. Teachers have a free account and they can create “classes” where the students can take on individualized projects and assignments. For example, if a student is having trouble with math, the teacher can give the student exercises designed to fix the learning difficulty. If applicable, the “class” can be shared with the parents to further add support for the exercise.

The most obvious advantage of ClassDojo is the relationship that is formed between the teacher, the parents, and the students. A real bond of trust is created where everyone is on the same page so that everyone is working together. Students look forward to class to see what they are going to be able to share with parents. Many activities such as plays, music, art, and numerous individualized lessons are all possible shared lessons and activities.

Ara Chackerian – An Investor, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and angel investor that has his sights set on improving the health of individuals through reinventing the health system; as well as improving the health of the environment through his philanthropic efforts. The insights that he has come across may serve to be a cornerstone for health and medicine for generations.


A Foundation of Service

He believes that the “business” of medicine can be streamlined with innovations in robotics, AI, and other innovations sweeping the country. Automating many tasks can help the industry become more accurate and efficient. Surgeries, diagnoses and prescriptions are all currently critical tasks that may be seen as “mundane” in the distant future.


As the current managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, the ultimate goal is to invest in the most effective technologies as to change the landscape of the medical industry. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Management Philosophy

His expertise in marketing and operations has helped him to produce thriving businesses. Communicating one’s idea is just as important as executing a plan and making the idea a reality. Ara believes early startups, and even established companies should have the ability to do both. Mentoring early startups has helped him to learn what works and what doesn’t. The insight of gained from mentory is being applied to his business as to generate a great deal of momentum in the industries he seeks to serve.


Additionally, being charitable and serving others is at the core of everything he does. Supporting multiple non-profits focused on youth development and education in different countries such as Armenia, Nicaragua and the United States is central to everything he does.


The Path Towards Achievement

Ara Chackerian’s Bachelor of Science in Marketing, acquired at Florida State, has helped to ignite 20+ productive years in the healthcare/entrepreneurial space. His relentless work ethic has led to him being the managing director at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC – a company specializing in the financing of healthcare innovations. You can visit their website arachackerian.com



Also, he has co-founded multiple companies including Pipeline RX which is a national provider of tele pharmacy; TMS Health Solutions, which specializes in behavioral health; and BMC Diagnostics which seeks to provide digital imaging services for health practices across the nation.


Through his relentless passion to serve others, Ara has been able to effectively contribute and innovate many aspects of the health industry as we know it.



Click here: https://twitter.com/achackerian

Highland Capital Management Provides Top Notch Financial Services

Without a doubt, finding a decent investment idea in the market is immensely tasking. Perhaps that is why people end up paying an investment management firm to handle the entire business for them. Simply put, an investment management firm works on investing their client’s money in the right docket of business. Moreover, an investment firm chooses the right option of investments depending on how fast they grow and how low-risk they are. Consequently, it is critical to highlight some of the best and reliable investment management firms with Highland Capital Management being the most memorable. Read this article at investopedia.com.

A Sneak Peak at Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is a recognized, multibillionaire-dollar firm for global alternative investments, established in 1993. Moreover, this company is a product of like-minded individuals namely James Dondero assisted by Mark Okada. Besides, with their input, the company has become a pioneer in the leveraged loan industry over the past twenty-five years. For that reason, Highland Capital Management is known for building its credit expertise as well as value-based approach to extend its services to other asset management portfolios.

Services Provided


In addition to leveraging reliable credit services, Highland Capital Management has other capabilities including handling particular situations, public equities, private equity, and the sector as well as region-specific verticals made for the development of different businesses. Other than that, the company has also formulated a unique plan of handling structured credit through specialized teams.

View: https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2017/05/31/highland-capitals-nexpoint-fund-raises-269-million.html

The Leadership Structure


Behind the success of Highland Capital Management is a strong team led by one experienced financial services provider called James Dondero. From a tender age, this man aspired to be a business professional who would later offer investment advisory services to emerging and novice investors alike. While at it, Jim Dondero worked alongside Mark Okada, his partner to establish a strong portfolio of financial services for clients. Therefore, with his input, the company has been able to offer clients structured products coupled with a re-investment period.

The General Observation


For more than twenty years, Highland Capital has used a time-tested investment strategy that is rooted to the firm’s capability to identify mispricing alongside proactive diligence and monitoring every team’s abilities in offering the firm’s financial services. Visit hcp.com to know more.

Barbara Stokes: Turning Around Lives through Passion and Professionalism

Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer for Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. She is very specific in humanitarian relief on Disaster relief Construction. She and her husband are the founders of a company based in Huntsville. Together with a team, Barbara Stokes work tirelessly with Federal Emergency Management Agency as well as the private sector in offering permanent and safe commercial and housing solution. They use engineering, state-of-art-design, proprietary, and manufacturing techniques ranging from on-site construction and modular ones. The company has been able to install and plan utilities, build residential developments and school campuses as well as military projects. Barbara Stokes says that they work as one with the team each day to ensure that any ideas brought on the table are completed smoothly. Read this article at businessinsider.com.

Barbara Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University class of 2001 in biomedical engineering and physics. She also studied other subjects like manufacturing and management, thermos-dynamics, properties of materials, and structures at GHS. She had worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing before she brought her expertise in GSH in government contracts and support for the mission of FEMA. Besides her career work, Barbara prides in being a mother of three children. She is also a volunteer in Huntsville community. She is currently busy with the major projects in the community. GSH was accorded $28 million by the federal government to complete modular buildings after the Hurricane Harvey’s Texas calamity in 2017. The contract is to be completed by March 2018.

Learn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gshofal

Through the interview on ideamensch, she answers the question on the origin of the medical valuations. Barbara says that this is an idea that combines her interest in business into being more technical in the field. She continues to explain that medical profession requires technical understanding and knowledge and that is what she has been able to apply at GSH at Alabama. Barbara Stokes was straightforward on what she needed in making a difference in the lives of the people as a medical professional. When it comes to bringing most of her ideas into reality, Barbara Stokes admits that GSH has a very talented team in engineering and designing. Her work is to ensure that all the ideas do not spill off but are actualized. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless Review

A dream became reality; Jeunesse was born. Once success was achieved in their other endeavors, CEOs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis set out to make their dreams a reality by creating a state-of-the-art entity that would grow to be known as one of the best youth enhancement brands in the world. On September 9, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Jeunesse was launched as a mission for Randy and Wendy to eagerly give the world what they had been so diligently working on. Jeunesse was not only to be known as a remarkable brand of products, but as a direct selling opportunity, offering one of the best compensation packages in the industry. This company utilizes the most up-to-date technology to provide elite training and support, while selling the most advanced youth enhancing products known to consumers.

Instantly Ageless

One of the best products offered by Jeunesse is the Instantly Ageless micro-cream. This groundbreaking cream is ahead of its time in that it works in just 2 minutes! Once applied, Instantly Ageless drastically decreases the presence of signs of ageing, including wrinkles, under-eye bags, pores, and fine lines. Even better is that it lasts 6-9 hours! This cream works to focus on areas that have, over time, lost resistance, to show skin that is toned and supple.

Instantly Ageless can be used multiple ways and comes in a package with multiple vials so you’re always ready to look your best. The following is a list of sample places where the cream can be applied for quick fixes:

  • Forehead: Apply the cream in dabs across the forehead to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Eyebrows: Gently massaging the cream above your eyebrow gives the skin a lifted, toned look.
  • Hooded Eyes: Carefully apply the cream under your eyebrow line, but not on the eyelid itself, to give that area a look that is plump and refreshed.
  • Under-eye Bags and Crow’s Feet: Lightly rub cream under the eye, covering the whole area, including under lower lashes and upper cheek, and inner and outer corners.
  • Facial Pores: Gently apply to other areas on the face that need quick enhancement.