Kim Dao Talks Hair Care, Japanese Style

Japan is known for their unique sense of style in reference to fashion, and hair. In a recent video, popular beauty, and lifestyle Youtuber, Kim Dao shares her favorite ten Japanese hair care products. As always, her fun and bubbly personality makes the video not only informative but also fun to watch!


The first product on her top ten list, Kao Essential Rich Damage Treatment. Its purpose is to help maintain more manageable hair. Similar to hair conditioner, Kim Dao uses this product in between treatments and swears it has changed her hair routine for the better. If you’re looking for an honest review on Japanese hair care products, look no further! Kim Dao uses each product thoroughly before reviewing, giving you a chance to get an up close and personal look at the product in action. Each product features an honest review and a short reflection of her thoughts on the product.


Kim Dao is an Australian Youtuber and Blogger. Currently, she lives in Japan, where she makes videos to educate others about beauty trends and skin care products within the Japanese community. Fueled by her passion for make-up and beauty, Kim Dao hopes to inspire others all over to be themselves, and find what makes them happy.

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Fabletics: Standing Out For Ingenius Marketing Techniques

Owing to the numerous brands that are always trying to set up in the fashion industry, very few brands emerge as truly successful. The activewear segment, in particular, is mostly governed by big names which other wise would have no competitor to challenge them. Fabletics is one company that decided to take on the activewear segment with full force and establish themselves as a successful clothing company. Today, the company is currently worth millions of dollars and has thousands of customers from all over the country.


Fabletics first opened its doors for business in 2013 and since then does have not only online stores but also physical ones. When it came to setting up the business online, the brand wanted to be different and opt for a more innovative approach to sell their products. Fabletics was started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who are both entrepreneurs who started their businesses at a very early age. The brand has formed collaborations with Kate Hudson and also has a special line of clothing by Demi Lovato. When it came to selling their products online, the brand wanted to do something to keep their customers coming back for more. For this purpose, they introduced a membership system which their clients would have to use to buy their clothing. For starters, if one wishes to look at the clothing that the brand has, they have to set up their account and choose a membership program that they wish to go with. This membership plan determines the number of clothing sets that one can opt for. The customers are then asked questions which would determine what kind of clothing they would like and shows them those pieces accordingly. Customers can then choose what they want, and select it and have it delivered to their doorstep. Every month, the customers have to log on once again onto the site and choose what they want to get.


Fabletics is all about giving their customers the most convenient experience of online shopping. By giving their customers a membership system, they are giving them a choice to buy clothing without having to go through much effort. The brand takes great care to ensure that the lines of clothing that they put out is refreshed every month to offer their customers nothing short of the very best.


The brand has tried their best to stand out from the crowd in every way possible. Even when it came to setting up their physical stores, the brand decided to make them seem more like trial rooms rather than warehouses. Using the latest tracking technology, the online website is synced with the item in the stores. Accordingly, the online store only shows those items that are there in stock in the physical stores. Since the stores are more of a trail room, the brand does not want to disappoint customers who come to the warehouse and cannot find what they want to try on. These coupled with a lot more ingenious marketing and business strategies are what has made Fabletics the fashion leader that it is today.

OSI Group Has Branches Situated All Over The World

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowky. It started as a butchery in Chicago owned by Otto and his two sons. The company came into recognition when it first began to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s in 1955. Its current chairman is Sheldon Lavin, and David McDonald is the president of the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin joined the company to become a partner. He has been of great influence to the American industry for always pushing the corporation further to make it grow and also venture into the global market. OSI Group has branches situated all over the world. Some of its branches are located in the US, Europe, Poland, and India. It has then expanded and is currently in 17 countries with more than 50 facilities.

Product development is what has been keeping them at the peak of all the other food industries. In the OSI Group, local culture of the people is considered to deliver the best services to the market around them. The products produced are of high standards and quality. The blue-chip nature is achieved in the way they regularly ensure that their machines and equipment are functioning well and clean. Their machines have built-in X-rays which aid in the detection of germs in the food products. It helps make sure that they produce high quality and healthy foods.

The privately held corporation provides protein and vegetable products. Some of the proteins produced here are sausages, pizza, poultry, beef patties, and sandwiches. These are tasty yet healthy foods loved by people. OSI Group supplies its products to some of the favorite food stopovers like Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Burger King. The American Company has drawn much global attention because of its fast growth rate and also because it has a vast consumer market as the population worldwide is growing. For more info about us: click here.

The industry has provided solutions to the food industry by producing ready-made quality products. This has helped a lot of people and hotels.

Lori Senecal Revamps CP+B Management before Exit

As Lori Senecal steps down from her role as global president or CP+B, she will forever be remembered for her genius in landing major clients like American Airlines. Currently, she is mentoring regional leaders under her wing to ensure her transition out of the agency is a smooth one.

Ms. Senecal joined CP+B in March 2015 assuming the role of global chief executive officer. Before that, Lori Senecal had served as the CEO of CP+B mother company, MDC partners. Her first major break after joining the agency was to land their biggest client, American Airlines. American Airlines had worked with TM Advertising for 25 years before Joining CP+B.

On Ad Week, she mentioned her success in landing major clients is partly due to her strong negotiation, organizational, and management expertise. She also has a knack for nurturing young talent as seen with Ms. Danielle Aldrich who was by her side when American Airlines signed a contract with them. Both Lori and Danielle were also instrumental in landing a second big client, Hershey’s.

Now that she is exiting CP+B, Ms. Senecal is making her last genius move in structuring the management of the agency. Together with CP+B’s co-founder, Chuck Porter, Ms. Senecal is recruiting new regional managers in each of the 10 agency wings. Both Lori and Chuck figure that the agency will be collectively stronger by stabilizing management at the regional level.

And how best to do it than to elect familiar faces Ms. Senecal has worked with in her 2-year tenure. To head CP+B western wing is Danielle Aldrich whom Lori feels is more than qualified for the position. According to Fast Company, other new leaders at the agency include Richard Pinder, Bamboo Yee, and Vinicius Reis. They will be heading CP+B Europe, Beijing, and Miami/Brazil respectively.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the current global CEO of CP+B. Her role as CEO is to manage the growth and expansion of the agency on a global scale. Ms. Senecal holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Finance from McGill University. She employs her strong skills in leadership, advertising, marketing, and digital strategy to steer CP+B to greater heights. View her full profile on

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Julia Jackson Helps Young Women Realize Their Potential

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson has been blessed with a wonderfully positive female role model in her mother Barbara Banke. She has admired her intelligence and business savvy ways and considers it a great advantage to observe her fine example of leadership over the years. Jackson is one of the proprietors of Jackson-Family Wines and founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment to inspire and elevate women in her own right.The Cambria program calls attention to Warrior Women who have successfully dealt with adversity. They have also demonstrated strong, female leadership in nonprofit organizations that help inspire their local communities. The foundation awards cash grants of $100,000 each year to those who meet their criteria. The three traits that are emphasized are equality, community, and spirit.Jackson felt that there weren’t enough positive role models for young women to emulate as they strive to develop their own potential.Julia Jackson

Putting forth good examples of those who persevere in the face of adversity and overcome obstacles is essential in Jackson’s mind. The program was founded by Jackson in 2014 and is her way of giving back and helping to inspire the next wave of young, female leaders.Education has been a priority in Julia Jackson’s life and her rise to prominence. She fed her artistic nature by attending Scripps College and receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. She also received a Certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in General Management.Copain Wines are one of the noteworthy brands produced by Jackson-Family Wines and they are distinct because of their light and bright style. They are easily paired with many types of food and are considered balanced and expressive. These grapes are cultivated in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino County and Monterey County and they produce Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. The brand was founded in 1999 and has grown in its reputation and is a wonderful addition to the Jackson-Family portfolio of wines.

GrupoTelevisa’s Chief Financial Officer At Age 50

     Mr. Salvi Rafael FolchViadero serves in the GrupoTelevisa, S.A.B. (Televisa) as the Chief Financial Officer. Mr. FolchViadero serves as the Director at GrupoTelevisa SAB.

A 50 years old Mr. Salvi Rafael FolchViadero also serves in the Administrative and Financial at GrupoTelevisa S.A.B as Vice President. In the GrupoTelevisa S A at Innova, S. de R.L. de C.V., Mr. Viadero also serves as a Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Salvi Rafael FolchViadero is on the Board of Directors at Innova S. de RL de CV and GrupoTelevisa.

Salvi Rafael FolchViadero as ever served as in GrupoTelevisa S A as the Vice President of Financial Planning. On the same note Salvi Rafael FolchViadero Financial Manager and General Manager at Comercio Mas, S.A de C.V. He served as the Chief Executive Officer in the ComercioMás SA de CV. As well, he served in Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores’ Banking as a Vice Chairman.

Mr. Salvi Rafael FolchViadero has 65 relationships in a total of four board Members in across four different industries and in four different organizations.

In the Board Memberships, Mr. Salvi Rafael FolchViadero is an Independent Director of Consorcio ARA, S. A. B. de C. V. from the year 2002 to date. At the same time, from the year 2002 to date, he is the Chief Financial Officer and Director of GrupoTelevisa, S.A.B., and Director and Chief Financial Officer of GrupoTelevisa S A Innova, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Salvi Rafael FolchViadero is affiliated to Innova, S. de R.L. de C.V., Consorcio ARA, S. A. B. de C. V. and EmpresasCablevisión, S.A.B. de C.V.

GrupoTelevisa, S.A.B is a mass media company in Mexico and in the largest Hispanic America. It majors in the international entertainment business. GrupoTelevisa is aired in the United States on Univision whereby it has an exclusive contract.

In conclusion, Mr. Salvi Rafael FolchViadero has done much in the GrupoTelevisa, S, A.B more so in the last three years as a Chief financial officer and the Director.

Andrew Rolfe Works to Help Disadvantaged Children

There are millions of children around the world who lack access to food, medical care and basic education. In order to give these children a better life, it is up to individuals and organizations to raise money and assist these communities. One such individual is Andrew Rolfe who works with the Ubuntu Education Fund.

The Ubuntu Education Fund was established in 1999 and works to address the educational crisis in South Africa. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund and recently hosted a highly successful fundraising gala in London this year. With over 300 attendees, the fundraiser was able to raise over $775,663 to expand schools for disadvantaged youth in South Africa.

As the chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe has a passion for helping the underprivileged. His position with the Ubuntu Education Fund is certainly not his first position of esteem. After graduating from Harvard Business School in 1992, Rolfe was appointed as the President of The Gap’s International Division. In this position, he was responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and France. He would then go on to serve as the CEO and Chairman of Pret A Manger and the CEO of Booker Foodservice. Rolfe would later become Vice-President of Operations Europe for PepsiCo Restaurants International where he was responsible for leading over 1,300 Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants throughout 30 different countries.

As the current chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe has made great strides in helping the educational crisis in South Africa. In a region where children do not have access to basic education, the Ubuntu Education Fund has helped establish numerous educational facilities and vocational training centers. The Ubuntu Education Fund has also opened clinics to help treat the disadvantaged communities of South Africa.

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z in the Blink of Striking a Deal with Universal Music Group

For nine years now, Jay-Z and Live Nation have been under a binding music-recording business deal worth $150 million. The deal will be terminating at the end of the tenth year, which happens to be next year, leaving the rap superstar free to enter into new deals. Live Nation doesn’t appear keen on renewing the deal and already considering other business options. Rumors from sources close to the top leadership of Live Nation indicate that the company no longer have interests in buying or selling music recordings. The sources are also pointing to a possible touring deal between the company and Jay-Z, meaning they will continue engaging in business.  Click on this for additional reading.

Possible Deals

According to sources close to Jay-Z, the rap star cum businessman is looking for another firm to fill the gap left by Live Nation. His music-recording company, Roc Nation, is already doing well, with celebrities like Rihanna, Fat Joe, and Shakira already signed up with the firm. From the look of things, Jay Z may have found a partner in the Universal Music Group. It is understood that Jay, accompanied by Desiree Perez, visited Santa Monica recently to meet Sir Lucian Grainge. Sir Grainge is the CEO of UMG.  Related article on

If Roc Nation manages to get a deal with Sir Grainge, the greatest beneficiary of the deal will be Jay’s Tidal app. The app has trailed veteran music streaming apps, such as Apple and Spotify, and the resources Jay will get from a UMG deal will go a long way in bolstering Tidal’s competition.


Desiree Dez Perez is among the top executives at Roc Nation. In fact, those close to Jay Z and Roc Nation say that it is Desiree who stirs-up deals in the company. The Rihanna Samsung deal, in particular, was made possible by Desiree’s negotiation prowess. She is a longtime friend of Jay, with both being members of the Hova Circle.  Check

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Now isn’t that Beneful!

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Oncotarget Gives Specialists a Chance to Try More

For Oncotarget to be able to help people, Mikhail Blagosklonny had to make sure that he was doing everything that he could for the publication. He worked hard and added different opportunities to Oncotarget and he made sure that the publication was in the right hands of all of the people who he worked with. Since Mikhail Blagosklonny knew a lot about cancer, he figured that he would be the expert for Oncotarget on the subject and that he could help people learn as much as possible with the experiences that he had. He also knew that there were other oncologists who knew more than him so he wanted them to be a part of Oncotarget in the area that he was in. He wanted them to help him make all of the right choices and he wanted to learn from Mikhail the different things that he was doing to make everything better.

Despite the fact that Oncotarget was just for oncologists at the beginning of the experiences that they had, they continued to offer people in other areas the best chances at success for their practices. Mikhail Blagosklonny chose to allow other specialists to try and add things to Oncotarget. He saw this as an opportunity to try new things and do more with the experiences that he had. He also worked hard to make sure that he was showing people new opportunities no matter what was going on. This helped people to realize that they would be able to have a positive experience while they were trying new methods.

One such thing that Mikhail Blagosklonny learned while he was working on Oncotarget was the opportunity to make sure that people had an understanding of immune therapy. People could try to learn more about immune therapy and how it could help with regeneration. When people have cancer, their immune systems struggle as a result of the treatments for cancer. This makes it harder for them to fight infections and can actually be the reason that they die. Mikhail Blagosklonny now uses immune therapy to treat this and make it better for his patients.