Ara Chackerian – An Investor, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and angel investor that has his sights set on improving the health of individuals through reinventing the health system; as well as improving the health of the environment through his philanthropic efforts. The insights that he has come across may serve to be a cornerstone for health and medicine for generations.


A Foundation of Service

He believes that the “business” of medicine can be streamlined with innovations in robotics, AI, and other innovations sweeping the country. Automating many tasks can help the industry become more accurate and efficient. Surgeries, diagnoses and prescriptions are all currently critical tasks that may be seen as “mundane” in the distant future.


As the current managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, the ultimate goal is to invest in the most effective technologies as to change the landscape of the medical industry. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Management Philosophy

His expertise in marketing and operations has helped him to produce thriving businesses. Communicating one’s idea is just as important as executing a plan and making the idea a reality. Ara believes early startups, and even established companies should have the ability to do both. Mentoring early startups has helped him to learn what works and what doesn’t. The insight of gained from mentory is being applied to his business as to generate a great deal of momentum in the industries he seeks to serve.


Additionally, being charitable and serving others is at the core of everything he does. Supporting multiple non-profits focused on youth development and education in different countries such as Armenia, Nicaragua and the United States is central to everything he does.


The Path Towards Achievement

Ara Chackerian’s Bachelor of Science in Marketing, acquired at Florida State, has helped to ignite 20+ productive years in the healthcare/entrepreneurial space. His relentless work ethic has led to him being the managing director at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC – a company specializing in the financing of healthcare innovations. You can visit their website



Also, he has co-founded multiple companies including Pipeline RX which is a national provider of tele pharmacy; TMS Health Solutions, which specializes in behavioral health; and BMC Diagnostics which seeks to provide digital imaging services for health practices across the nation.


Through his relentless passion to serve others, Ara has been able to effectively contribute and innovate many aspects of the health industry as we know it.



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