Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is a member of the electronic music group The Chainsmokers. Recently Alex Pall sat down with the magazine The Interview and discussed the new music he and his Chainsmokers partner are putting out.


The Chainsmokers are becoming famous for their relatable lyrics to their music. The reason their lyrics are relatable is that they write music about themselves. The Chainsmokers write all of their own lyrics. If they are not writing them on their own, they are assisting the songwriters and writing their music.

Many people are just now learning about some of their music. The Chainsmokers music is music that young people of today want to hear. No one wants to hear the same song by five artists. So, The Chainsmokers have gone out of their way to make new music that nobody else has heard before. This is what makes The Chainsmokers group so successful.

The most recent Alex Pall interview can be found in the magazine The Interview. Most of the time Alex Pall or his business partner are the ones being interviewed separately. However, this most recent interview has them both interviewed by the same interviewer.

In the interview, both members of The Chainsmokers group talk candidly about how they come about their musical talents. They want people to hear their music for quite some time before releasing another single. This method has been working out quite well for both of them.

Alex and his Chainsmokers partner enjoy their work. They enjoy entertaining others with stories about their own lives. They have a new spin on a classic idea. They take their life stories and make music from them. Yet they go with the new techno electronic dance type music that is popular today.

The Chainsmokers have set a path for themselves that will carry them through many years with fans. At present The Chainsmokers have no plans to break up.